Opinion : Why Akuma's Inclusion In Tekken 7 Is A Good Thing

While Street Fighter V players may be upset the fighter is currently skipping SFV, our opinion is that it's better to see Akuma in Tekken 7 than nothing at all.

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chrisx2112d ago

Akuma is all sorts of bad ass in tekken, i like his inclusion. also gives us a look on how street fighter characters will play on tekken x street fighter

DarXyde2112d ago

I hate it.

Unless they make sure it's all balanced (projectile fighter here with less choreographed animations than Jinpachi), this won't really end well.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_082112d ago

Kazuya has a projectile that can only be used when he changes into Devil Kazuya that shoots from his forehead on this installment, just like he did in tekken tag tournament 2. Devil Jin and claudio also has projectiles!
Devil Jin's beam shoots out from his forehead just like Devil Kazuya do and claudio's projectile is a energetic arrow.

eklektic2112d ago

There's been a lot of projectile characters over the life of tekken. I remember that little dinosaur from 3 i believe. Now that was a unbalanced character. Not only did he have a projectile but his hot box was only for low attacks. Same thing with dr. Boschanavich or whatever. Always laying on the floor. Either way though i loved it. Im a huge tekken fan. Well i used to be any ways. I got to good and my friends refused to play with me so i haven't played since 6. But ive played tekken games since the first was in arcades with virtual fighter.

ErogeMaster2110d ago

Uh dude you saw the trailer right? You can side step it thats why Tekken is a 3d fighter.

DarXyde2110d ago

I'm well aware. I did emphasize that his animations are faster and less choreographed. Jinpachi and devil characters have very obvious tells. Akuma's gohadouken is very likely weaker, but much harder to read and faster. You can easily dodge Jinpachi and devil characters at close range. Not so much for a character like Akuma.

jeremyj29132112d ago

Still no Lee or Lei..... :-(

maniacmayhem2112d ago

People are really upset that Akuma wasn't announced for SFV? C'mon...there's no doubt that he will be coming to SFV some time in the future.

Tekken sure has come a long way and it is truly an epic story.

Also with Akuma in, this may give us a glimpse of how Tekken x SF might be.

nosferatuzodd2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

What akuma isnt in the New street fighter Im now depress :(

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