The DeanBeat: For Microsoft, it’s time to worry about the console war

The evidence is piling up. Sony’s grip on the console business with the PlayStation 4 is starting to look unbreakable. Microsoft has to start worrying about whether it must accept and acknowledge its fate of being permanently stuck at No. 2 in this generation = Venturebeat

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sammarshall1023148d ago

2018 or 2019 Microsoft will probably release a very powerful new Xbox

And Xbox One is still selling good

Fatdrinkofwater3148d ago

Xb1 sells 1.3 million consoles in november vs ps4 selling 1.5 million.

Ps4 is selling more so all the more to sony but xb1 is selling great too and its not far behind ps4 sales at all.

Someone has to come second in sales it doesnt mean they are losing. This fanboy war is for fanboys. To MS its just business and its a rather successful one at that.

MasterCornholio3148d ago

"its not far behind ps4 sales at all. "

You mean the US right? Because world wide its a different story.

FlipSwitch3148d ago

"its not far behind ps4 sales at all"

I know you guys like to ignore worldwide but Xbone is consistently getting outsold 2 to 1. November was no different

Fatdrinkofwater3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I actually dont care tbh both consoles are selling better than last gen both are a success ps4 is selling tons and thats great just sick of concern trolling like xbox is hardly selling at all and ms need to be worried. Its not true and its fanboy bs trying to downplay xboxs success.

I live in New Zealand the xbox one is VERY popular down here and in australia.

jb2273147d ago

I honestly think MS has an eye on the software market. I wouldn't be surprised if they do one more console in order to keep some mindshare but the way this gen has been going it tells a bit of a story. MS loses the sales war in the early going, so they snatch up the Gears license, they acquire Minecraft, they buy the Havok engine, and I think they had designs on buying the Tomb Raider franchise outright & this timed exclusivity was their testing ground. Phil said they wanted an Uncharted competitor, so if they are buying up the other licenses they want, chances are good they would want to buy that one as well. On top of this they have moved to owning any IP produced on their box like QB, Scalebound, ReCore, etc.

MS has always mainly been a software company, and software is where all of the profits are...all of these acquisitions sound to me like a company w/ an eye on switching to software only. I think optimistically the brass may give Xbox one more generation to turn a big profit and if that doesn't work well, they already have a huge portfolio in Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Minecraft, Havok engine, and any of the new IPs that are successful. I'm sure I'll get a boatload of disagrees for even suggesting the writing that's clearly on the wall, but you'd have to be dense or ignorant of the history of gaming platforms to flat out refuse it as a potentiality.

Herbalistic3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I think MS accepts that Xbox One doesn't have a chance to make things close in terms of market share with PS4..The only thing MS could do is focus on creating exclusives to please owners of the machine and hope what they offer brings in enough new buyers..MS doesn't have anyone to blame but themselves for how things are going for the console.

andibandit3147d ago

Yeah I think that when Phil Spencer said something about "beating the competition, wasnt his priority", it was obvious.

XanderZane3147d ago

Microsoft and Sony said the same thing last generation as well. Neither cared about beating the Wii. No big deal really. Just keep the games coming.

YinYangGaming3148d ago

All doom & gloom even though the XBO is selling well (better than 360 & OG Xbox at same time in their cycles) 2nd place DOESN'T equal failure so stop with the clickbait

BitbyDeath3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Nope, after the year is over it will officially be behind the 360.
XB1 had a good start but has been lacking ever since.

Fatdrinkofwater3148d ago

Bitbydeath stop spreading lies please.


FlipSwitch3148d ago

Actually he isn't lying. By 2007 X360 had sold over 17million consoles. The only reason Xbone is tracking higher is because of it's strong launch.

Xbone will soon be tracking lower than x360 in the same time frame

Fatdrinkofwater3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Right.. So MS saying its been a record year for xbox sales and its up over last year means sales are declining to you?

MS doesnt even release sales numbers so how would you even know anyway?

They were over 10 million this time last year so if this year has been even better then xbox sales have to at least at 20 million by now.

FlipSwitch3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Xbone is no where near 20million consoles. They have posted record sales but that is just for this month. Or black Friday. You always have to look past Microsofts spin

After the holidays the sales will return back to normal.

No it wasn't 10 million sales this time last year. It was 10 million "nearly shipped". Which could mean anywhere from 7 to 8 million actually sold through consoles.

Xbone is most likely around 15 million consoles now.

boodi3148d ago

I'd like to know wtf are you talking about ....
if not i presume you are a zombie...or a troll..

Fatdrinkofwater3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Wait so xbox was at 14 mil back when sony were at 22 million and people were predicting the gap would be over 10 mil between the two consoles worldwide by the end of the year.

Now sony are over 30 mil sold and you wanna tell me ms only only sold 1 million consoles in that time?

BitbyDeath3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

360 came out on November 22, 2005
In January 2008 it managed to sell 17.7M consoles.



Meaning XB1 will need to reach 17.7M sold by Jan 2016 which is very very unlikely.

@Fatdrinkofwater, read this post for an idea of where the sales figure is at - http://n4g.com/news/1827868...

This however excludes November.

DigitalRaptor3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

@ Fatdrinkofwater

Nope. You need to stop lying. At this time last year, Microsoft still hadn't released their overall shipped numbers. They had said that they were "approaching" 10 million shipped, which isn't solid and could be anywhere from 7-9 million shipped (we know how MS lurves to spin). The likely number of Xbone consoles sold is around 16-17 million at this point. Not sure where you're getting that 20 million information from. For THAT to be reasonable, the worldwide sales gap would have to have been decreasing and it's not.

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Thatguy-3103148d ago

I mean the Xbox isn't outselling the beast of the ps4 but it is selling better than the 360 which shows improvement from a business perspective.

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CaptainObvious8783147d ago

Actually we don't know it's selling more than the 360. MS has refused to give proper numbers for over a year now.

XanderZane3147d ago

We know it's selling better then the Xbox 360 because Microsoft told us it was in their report. I guess you missed that article.