Resident Evil 4 HD Project New Comparison screenshots of the Village released

Albert’s and Chris’ HD project for Resident Evil 4 is coming along really nicely and today they have released a whole bunch of screenshot comparisons that take us back to the iconic rural Village.

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sk8ofmnd1048d ago

Honestly, i know a lot did not enjoy this game as nearly much as i did, it was still leaps and bounds better then the turds that followed.

zep1047d ago

this game is the turd that started the following of the turd you are talking about this action game not survival horror Leons Adventure Not Resident Evil 4

sk8ofmnd1047d ago

You most likely never get another survival horror game by crapcom. Just like square enix wont make ff7 turn based. They are forgotten relics in gaming.

zep1047d ago

forgotten relics you say just look at the last of us its 100% Survival Horror and guest what Ni Nu Kuni 2 is a turn based jrpg i can list more games but you just want to play your Leons Adventure Action Game and its the new thing i guest since everything is forgotten relics in gaming lol