Resistance: Fall of Man Preview

When it was originally shown to the world under the name I-8 at Sony's E3 2005 press conference, Insomniac's debut PlayStation 3 game surprised the audience with a much grittier and more serious appearance than fans had come to expect from the Spyro and Ratchet & Clank developer. But as Insomniac is happy to point out, the company actually started making games with a PlayStation 1 first-person shooter called Disruptor, and now that I-8 has come a bit more into the spotlight -- having been officially revealed as Resistance: Fall of Man -- we're starting to get a better feel for the part military shooter/part sci-fi shooter/part survival horror game. 1up went to Insomniac president Ted Price to get his take on where the game came from, how it straddles the line between being a military shooter and not, and the target audience for a game on a $600 system.

ssj046215d ago

This game graphic looking amazing already, and it only 30% complete... wow

ssj046215d ago

fix,, my bad its not 30% but is 70%