Freep Review: 'Madden NFL 09' is the franchise's best offering in seven years

Rashaun Rucker writes: "I remember twenty years ago, being a 10 year-old boy and running through a path to the next street over to a friend's house, with sweaty palms, clutching a Sega Genesis cartridge simply titled "John Madden Football".

Twenty years later I ran to my home with sweaty palms with an early copy of "Madden NFL 09" for the Xbox 360.

Just as the NFL commissioner reinstated Brett Favre, EA Sports has reinstated Madden to its glory. Finally listening to the masses of gamers who craved a true next generation football game and not the watered down version of Madden we have dealt with over the past five years."

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doshey3720d ago

idc im still not going to buy it cuz as time will go on the game will have its bug start to show then it wont be so great then it will be a crappy game that will be on the bargain bin and i will be enjoying games that aint a waste of 60 bucks

SuKiT3720d ago

Another year another Madden game. Seriously how much better can it be, just give downloadable roster updates so you do not have to buy a $60.00 rehash every year. It is a no buy for me.

Relcom3720d ago

better than 04? thats a bold statement. 04 was almost perfect

gtafan3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

not buying it either! I want it but after playing the demo I felt it was meh. You would think these Bastards would get a clue and let the crowd in on the action. I want to see and hear the crowds chanting and throwing paper balls and bottles at the players when they are playing bad. I want to be able to get into a fight if another player makes a wrong tackle like the famous horse collar. I want to celebrate a damn dance move at the end. I want to be able to talk to another player while playing. WTF is up with this company. Don't they have anyone there that is a true gamer and can actually think of this stuff. This game needs to get more real fast. I am tired of this not getting updated correctly, just get rid of whoever you have to get rid of and hire some new talent.

PSWii60 Fanboy3720d ago

You guys are the BIGGEST bunch of jaded gamers I've ever seen. Instead of trying to, oh I don't know, play the damn game, you'd rather hate on it because of the previous iterations. Yeah, the previous Maddens have been copy and paste, but finally, finally, the series is starting to find out where it needs to go, and you're still stuck in the past. Now go ahead and bookmark the disagree link.

Relcom3720d ago

this site hates Madden, but i agree with you.

sabbath4203720d ago

this game looks to be much better than the last few years. I had lost faith in Madden, then I played this years demo only to be disappointed by it. I told myself I would not buy it again this year but then I saw and heard the true gameplay videos the other day and they changed my mind.

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