Bloodborne: Here’s How To Access The Old Hunters DLC

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC will be released on November 24th for the PS4. It is available as a DLC add-on and requires the user to reach a specific point in the game story to access this DLC.

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IAmLee1087d ago

I still haven't played Bloodborne, from what I've heard, it's pretty amazing, going to invest in the GOTY edition!

SweatyFlorida1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

It's AMAZING! imo the best ARPG you can get, action is very fun and thrilling, and the game will be better now than at release since they released a bunch of network updates and made co-op/invasions smoother than before.

Not to mention the ton of weapons released in the dlc, which was a complaint back at launch with lack of weapons to use. Imo BB will be at it's pinnacle on Tuesday.

majedx91087d ago

no RPG did to me like Bloodborne did.

majedx91087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

prepare yourself mentally and emotionally because things like this will happen to you

retrogamer091087d ago

Bloodborne in a nutshell. One step forward, 2 steps back, dodge, hit, repeat.

Eiyuuou1087d ago

More like: One step forward, two steps back, dodge, dodge again, hit, attempt to dodge, get hit anyway, die, repeat till you git gud.

retrogamer091087d ago

Yeah I was just teasing lol, but yeah the game is ridiculously hard. I played for a few hours and just gave up. Just felt the gameplay was too broken. There were times where I perfectly dodged an attack and the bosses still hit me out of no where and I just stopped playing. Evidently I'm in a small minority.

Eiyuuou1087d ago

The invincibility frames are quite strict. Only at the start of the dodge do they occur. And if you think the start is brutal, you should see the "Defiled Chalice". They litteraly halve your HP. So pretty much every enemy, and especially bosses, can one shot you to oblivion.

The rush you feel when you win is so worth it though!

Xavior_Reigns1087d ago

The solution... get good. Getting the platinum for this game was epic.

himdeel1087d ago

Defiled rotted fettid chalices demand perfection.

esmittystud1011085d ago

Will we be able to use the new weapons right off the bat or do we have to wait until we reach the DLC area? I am in the first Sick Room on NG+. I haven't even ran past the first wolfe yet. My character is "skill" stat heavy, it just scales good with the Blades of Mercy. If we can have access to the new weapons right off the bat and not have to wait for the DLC area I might just stick with having a "Skill" heavy character on NG+ and continue on. Hopefully a "skill" scaling weapon will be one of the new ones but I'm not sure.

I might just wait until my harcover Future Press guide comes so I can see the stats for each new weapon and see what stat scales the best with them. There guide for the regular game was the best hard cover guide I've probably ever seen. It was 500 plus pages. The Old Hunters guide is around 200 or 250 I think.

I guess I'm pretty stoked to be diving into this again. This was my game of the year for 2015 and it will be a great work up for.........Dark Souls 3.