Resident Evil 6 for PS4 and Xbox One Might Be Releasing Soon

Way back in 2012 when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were still the pinnacle of home console gaming, Capcom released Resident Evil 6. It went down alright with players and critics, so much so that we've heard many a fan cry out for a next-gen port, despite "remaster" being something of a dirty word.

It looks like that dirty word may be uttered sooner than we thought

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masterfox1973d ago

hmm ok maybe I will finally play it................NOT!

LordMarius1973d ago

people still care about the RE series after TLOU?? CTFU

DarkOcelet1973d ago

Way two different games entirely.

And lets be real here. The Last Of Us, Gears Of War and many other games might have not been in our lives if it wasnt for Resident Evil.

And yes, i still care about Resident Evil.

Fatdrinkofwater1973d ago

Erm what? Just because a good game comes out it doesnt mean i dont want play any other games. And if a game isnt rated as high as another it doesnt mean jack ill still play it if its fun and i like it.

Aloy-Boyfriend1973d ago

Well I don't care about this series after RE5. It does not have anything to do with TLOU.

Spoonsx1973d ago

@LordMarius *Facepalm* Even though they are like DarkOcelet said two completely different games. Also The first Resident Evil was one of those defining moments in gaming.

To some people Resident Evil is a part of their gaming generation. Even if the games are not what they used to be.

StormLegend1973d ago

2 totally different games m8

ShottyGibs1973d ago

Wow.. Let's not have variety so we can play TLOU all day long. What an exciting proposition you make.

LordMaim1972d ago

@DarkOcelet: I think you mean these games wouldn't be in our lives if it wasn't for Alone in the Dark. :)

Ninja_G_Aidan1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

The Last of Us is an incredible game and yes I would forget about most of the crap Resident Evil series has been coming out recently. 0-3 and Code Veronica in Resident Evil is all I want to remember. Resident Evil 4 and 5 had good gameplay but the whole concept sucked. 6 is just terrible, full stop!

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Genova841973d ago

I skipped RE6 after the disappointment that was RE5.

I bought RE4 HD from a humble bundle. I started it last night. I hadn't played it since I got it on gamecube back in the day. The story telling is god awful. I forgot you had radio contact with some assistant like metal gear. Just feels wrong.

RE 1-3 and RE CV are still my favorite. Well, RE2 is my absolute favorite. Not sure if I will finish RE4 again. Still worth the couple bucks that bundle cost me.

DarkOcelet1973d ago

The Radio contact is very rare in the game and doesnt impact it at all.

RE4 is an amazing game mate. You should seriously play it again. Yes, Ashley is annoying as hell but the game is beautiful.

_-EDMIX-_1973d ago

Agreed. RE4 is a good game, but its where the series got really, really bad in terms of story and even in design and concept. It feels right, but its not even a Resident Evil game in the respect you don't have limited ammo, health or saves any longer, just unlimited everything. RE4 is a good action horror, but a horror survival it is not.

I agree, RE1-CV are the best in that series. They might as well called something else or made it a side series or something as its not actually the genre that was created years prior, not even slightly.

If your looking for a horror survival, RE4-RE6 are very much not that. I personally want the series to go back to its survival and puzzle roots, at least split the series if they want action so badly as that is what I hear they are doing currently they say lol

RE4 is a good action game....bad Resident Evil game, its story is awful.

Zizi1973d ago

Resident Evil 5 is arguably better than Resident Evil 6. RE6 plays like nothing but a third-person shooter with some horror themes.

I think developers should stop remastering titles that less people care.

babadivad1972d ago

6 is much better than 5. RE6 was better than 4 in my opinion. Maybe not better but definitely funner. And it had the plus of local co-op. This is another one of those games that gets undue hate for no reason.

ThePresentIsAgift1972d ago

Resident Evil 4 was for many perhaps the pinnacle of the series and a defining 3d action title that paved the way for the next decade of action shooters.

The pacing is perfect with tension, exploration, set pieces, huge action and boss fighting set across multiple beautiful and varied locales. From my perspective at least.

I must have played every release on every platform for Resi 4 and am still surprised by how good it is. The ultimate HD edition easily trumps all others. It is a true classic, so too is the original Resi HD remaster which I also love.

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showtimefolks1973d ago

If you must give us a old resident evil game please give us a remake of resident evil 4

6 sucked big time

Capcom days are numbered.

1973d ago
BoriboyShoGUN1972d ago

Resident Evil 3 For the win!!!!!!!!!!!

babadivad1971d ago

Why do you think RE6 sucks. I thought it was MUCH better than 5 and pretty much on par with 4. It had a HUGE story that was actually a TON of fun to play. Every character was unique and played differently. To top it off it had local co-op*even on PC which is where I played it*. When they turned the entire city of Shanghai into zombies I was like Holy Shit!! How is THIS gonna end?? That game was fun as fuck. I personally don't get the shade this game gets.

showtimefolks1971d ago

I didn't like the fact that we had to play the same areas from a different plays point of view. It was repetitive and no to email resident 5 was much better

But that's just personal preference

I would love for them to just remake resident evil 4

babadivad1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I liked that part of the game. It was something like a Tarantino movie. The characters occasionally ended in the same area when they meet up but took completely different paths to get there but continued on their way after meeting up. No one followed another characters story and they all ended somewhere different. None of the endings are the same, don't see how that's repetitive. The paths were more divergent than Claire and Leon's story in RE2. I hope RE7 has more akin to RE6 and not completely linear like RE5.

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JasonKCK1973d ago

After playing The Enemy Within and Dead Space I'll never play another RE. I lost hope with the RE franchise at 5.

DarkOcelet1973d ago

You mean The Evil Within right? :D

On Topic: Its an amazing game yeah, but i will definitely get the RE2 Remake. No way am missing that.

mechlord1973d ago

RE5 was better than 6. At least the CoOp

Relientk771972d ago

What a waste of time and money

Masterofwiiu3ds1972d ago

I actually really enjoyed Resident Evil 6, and thought that Chris' storyline was powerful and well told.

There's a part early on in the game where you are trapped in a bar with a bunch of strangers holding off wave after wave of zombies, and it felt like a classic zombie moment to me.

Muzikguy1972d ago

I remember going through all the trouble to get Ada's story and how unimpressed I was. Tried trading it in at GS and they were only offering like $1.50 for it. Im ashamed of paying full price for this game on the PS3 and definitely not thinking of buying it again. Not sure what Capcom is thinking

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stonecold31973d ago

bring resident evil 7 out instead

Fatdrinkofwater1973d ago

It will help fund capcom to make res evil 7 i think. At least thats how i see it. Companies gotta make money and if they do they can make more better games and games these days arent cheap to make so remasters are good way of getting extra $$$ for AAA development

RiseofScorpio1973d ago

Or they'll keep making ports because their quick cash.

ginsunuva1972d ago

" At least thats how i see it. "

Yeah that's just you justifying it for yourself.

Fatdrinkofwater1972d ago

Man whats up with u people. If u had a company wouldnt you want to make money? Thats kind of the point. And i havent played any of the newer res evil games and im sure a lot of other people havent either. Its a good thing these are coming to current gen good for gamers who like actually playing games instead of bitching about games they dont want to play whos oppinions mean nothing and good for capcom.

showtimefolks1973d ago

They need to reboot the series not number 7. Fresh start

_-EDMIX-_1973d ago

What if 7 is that, but just numbered? I mean...we don't actually know what RE7 is about so...

_-EDMIX-_1973d ago


I don't think its a either or. Pretty sure they are still making RE7.

At this stage in gaming, I'm pretty shocked that some gamers are still not aware of how games are created...

showtimefolks1973d ago

Reboot is just my personal opinion. Resident series after 6th imo has been damaged somewhat. I think business wise they should just go to reboot the series and start fresh

I don't know if Capcom understands what RE fans really want, they keep trying to appeal to shooter fans instead of focusing on what longtime re fans want

gantarat1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Right Now,look like Capcom's Development Division 1 Do a lot Resident Evil Game (Main,Spin-off,Remake,Remaster )

Pretty Much After RE 6 Capcom Do Different Type RE Game With Different Product.

_-EDMIX-_1973d ago

@Showtime- agreed, Mercenaries in that game, legit SAVED IT! In terms of RE6.

I also agree with a reboot or legit just spliting the series off, but I feel the action series needs its own name and NOT the offical RE name and number. As RE is known as what the first sevearl games were, not the crap that released after CV. I don't hate RE4, but its not a RE title anymore then Gears Of War is.


If they stated RE-blank- and then after that did 2, 3 etc, I would be fine.

Outbreak, Survivor, Revelations, is their a reason why they changed the main series, yet continued to make other side games yet disregard that the main series RIGHT NOW is not even considered by many, many fans even part of the main series in terms of pure game play and concept?

If they make RE7 like CV in terms of concept with a different camera angle, I'll be happy with it, if they introduced a RE series that was ACTION to make money, I'll be fine with that too, but I'm not ok with a publisher who KNOWS they have side games, yet radically change the main series, yet act as if it could have never been a side game.

Capcom is no stranger to side games, what they did with RE4, 5 and 6 was deliberate to get sales from a action game, yet having a name known for a horror survival game. Shame on them. They knew enough to call the other titles as side games, I don't believe they didn't know this with RE4-6. If the game is good, let it stand up on its own, stop abusing the RE name to sell an action game, just call it a side game and move on. Otherwise it alienates and confuses the old school fans into thinking they are never doing the old concept again. Capcom can have its cake and eat it too.

RE action
RE survival, it doesn't need to be an either or as it wasn't with those other side games now was it?

@Gantarat- you are correct, we need more posting like you lolz, bubbles for the intelligence.

AizenSosuke1972d ago

Unlucky 7 maybe for RE that will finally surpass RE4 maybe!?

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gantarat1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

if Remaster still have Terible QTEs,Run/Vehicle Chase Scene bla bla bla. then its pointless to remaster.

Beside Mercenaries Mode Only Campaign I think its good is Ada Campagin.

A least DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition fix a lot of thing people complain in orginal.

PS. Why not RE 5 ?

DarkOcelet1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Ada's Campaign was good because it was solo. That is at least before they patch it and make it available co-op.

But i loved the Mercenaries mode so much. I thought it was amazing.

And honestly when they announced the 20th year anniversary for Resident Evil back at TGS, i expected a full collection from RE 1 to RE 6 on the PS4 and the Xbox One not Umbrella Corps.

_-EDMIX-_1973d ago

"But i loved the Mercenaries mode so much" That game was AWFUL! But yes...Mercenaries mode is the only reason to play that game!

gantarat1973d ago

Yeah but You can play with or without partner.

DarkOcelet1973d ago


Mercenaries mode CO-op with my brother was so damn good. I would play for hours and hours. Honestly, if Merc wasn't in the game, RE6 would have been really bad.