Beyond Two Souls PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

First PS4 trailer has been released, allowing us to see how the game looks running on PS4. Check this graphics comparison to see how the game changed since release on PS3.

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UserNameIsNotTaken1067d ago

Dat fire explosion screenshot doe o.O

CrazedFiend1066d ago

Luv the PlayStation, but are we going to remaster the ENTIRE PS3 library!?

Highlife1066d ago

Then don't buy. They outsource these so they are not tying up the big studios anyway.

Thatguy-3101066d ago

The ps3 did have a lot of great exclusives though. Plus they're working on Detroit so doing remasters isn't really tying down any developer.

Father__Merrin1066d ago

its not for you, its for users that may have missed the ps3 origional, possibly new playstation users and gamers that wouldnt mind playing it through again upgraded

UNKLE1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I believe yes exclusives.. because ps4 cant emulate ps3....

kupomogli1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Yes. Yes they are.


I own a PS3 and there's some games I'd like remastered because they ran like crap on the system. Framerate issues, bugs, etc. One of them is Arkham Origins, where the game itself is better than City imo, just has bugs and some framerate issues. But nope, let's not include this game in the remaster because people will expect us to bring back the amazing online.

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crazysapertonight1067d ago

this game just has pretty boring story for such linear gameplay

DarkOcelet1067d ago

To you maybe but to many others. This is a great game.

Azzanation1066d ago

The game sits on a 70 meta, I believe many others disagree with you.

kenshiro1001066d ago

So Azznation, I guess everyone should skip out on games just because it has a 70% average, right.

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Thatguy-3101066d ago

The game and story was good the pace was terrible. The thing that killed it for me was playing the events in random order. I know what they were trying to do with that but it didn't work. Other than that performances and presentation were top notch.

KeeseToast1066d ago

Playing it in chronolgical order is the thing that excites me most about the PS4 Versino

bleedsoe9mm1067d ago

seems very reasonable for 29.99

Dlacy13g1067d ago

agreed... I like that this is getting a $30 price tag.

retrogamer091067d ago

Looks exactly the bloody same.

cyckiewicz1067d ago

I'd say the graphics are less blurry. Look at the background on each screen.

uth111067d ago

Difference is night and day. Much clearer difference than GOW III was

stiggs1067d ago

"Much clearer difference than GOW III was"

How is this statement relative to the topic?

boodi1066d ago

@stiggs eat more fox&coffee in the morning

Rookie_Monster1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Not exactly the same but looks close enough. $20 should be the retail price instead of $30 IMO. I think Sony should have combined both Beyond 2 Souls and Heavy Rain in a HD package for $30 instead of charging $30 each. Heck they did it last gen with those GOW collection and ICO collection for very reasonable price, don't know why they don't do it as much this time around.

TwoForce1067d ago

Look noting the same, shaper character model, less blurry in the background. I can see it the different.

mechlord1066d ago

if it was $20 you would be saying it should be $15 :(

im sick of you guys. If was free, you would say SONY and QD should pay us to play it.

moegooner881067d ago

Details are better on PS4. Pen and police badge for instance. Will download it next week, never got to play it on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.