7 Times That Video Game Characters Sang Like Angels

Andrew M writes: “Love music? Love video games? Well, we've got a great combination for you, as we go over the list of the best singing performances in video games inside.”

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curtain_swoosh585d ago

not gonna lie, the Mario Odyssey song made me tear up a little. great game, great song

bluefox755585d ago

1000 words in FFX-2 was a good one.

MrNinosan585d ago

I agree, one of the best.

MrNinosan585d ago

Jansen in Lost Odyssey was epic.

rainslacker585d ago

mordin solus was nice to see. It was so unexpected in ME2, and completely changed the way I felt about the character, and then made me tear up in ME3 when you pick curing the genophage.

AK91585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Its an obscure game but Lephise the songstress from Klonoa 1 and Julia (Rinoa's mother) from FF8.