Halo World Championship Kicks Off In December

Earlier this year at gamescom, 343 Industries and Xbox announced the Halo World Championship (HaloWC), the biggest Halo esports competition in franchise history that is centered on the ultra-competitive Arena multiplayer mode of Halo 5: Guardians. We’re excited to unveil new details, including when and where the tournament will take place, an update on the crowd-fund assisted prize-pool, and how you and your friends can register to compete against the very best around the world.

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Meatyboy1065d ago

If anyone want to join my clan add me! I'm very good but inexperienced at e sports and need 3 players who seriously wanna train. Must be competitive but no rage whiners please. I'm from UK and have been playing since halo 1. We could have some games together and no hard feelings if it doesn't work out. Or maybe I'm not as good as you'd like :). It would be insane going far but I do mostly wanna have a good time so no nastyness in my clan



yankolo1065d ago

YANKOLOO...add me bro i play ops...titanfall...KI...and fifa

Julion07151065d ago

I'm down add me juju g15