Halo Community Update: Prepare For (Big Team) Battle

by B Is Bravo:
This week, the first of many free, regular Halo 5 updates will drop. The Battle of Shadow and Light update is nearly upon us, and today, we’ll talk about new goodness, some gameplay tweaks, and more, as well as recent playlist updates and some amazing anti-vehicle antics. Shall we?

Friday’s weekend playlist update brought with it a top community requested playlist: Doubles. The playlist poll proved Doubles was the clear favorite over the previous winner, Shotty Snipers, which - as it had been the new option the prior week - had been present in the polls once again. Unsurprisingly, Doubles came in at an overwhelming 64% of total votes, which means it was available this past weekend with increased XP rewards.

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Sureshot1162d ago

Finally something that can pull me out of warzone!

Rookie_Monster1162d ago

The Best FPS of this gen just got better. BIG Team Battle will be HUGE and will add more gameplay madness to an already great Warzone and competitive play. Great work 343i.

towelie12881162d ago

having a blast with Halo
and best FPS this Gen

KionicWarlord2221162d ago

Cant wait to see it appear in the playlists.

Halo 5 is my go to multiplayer fix and the more community content coming the better.

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