Super Mario Maker and Its Insane Possibilities Brought to Life by a YouTuber

EB: AndrewMFilms has released a gaming in real life VFX video, and it features a world where Super Mario Maker and its design possibilities come to life.

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spoonard1067d ago

The possibilities?? Besides building repetitive, insanely difficult (difficult doesn't equal good) levels? I don't see any. I don't get it...

Donnywho1067d ago

Well, almost everyone else gets it because it got great reviews, it competed with all the multi-platform heavy hitters that were released around the same time with it. Still selling well and is up for the game of the year award.

syotos771067d ago

It's not always like that. I've seen quite a few levels that have made me smile just from their ingenuity. A lot of creative minds all over the world have put together some truly impressive courses. And Not all of them ridiculously hard, but provide a refreshing challenge.