Top 10 Best 2D Mario Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "So as a tip of the cap to the mustachioed one, we’re going to head into MAR10 Day with a look back at the top 10 best 2D Mario games!"

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Gridknac1293d ago

Super Mario U is a great one that reminds me alot of Super Mario World on snes. When ran in 4k@60fps on pc, it's hard not to love it.


Goodbye New Mario, I Won't Miss You

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first Mario 2D game in almost two decades without the New Super Mario art style, and it looks all the better for it

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misterandy88d ago

Am I missing something? It looks exactly the same, just higher resolution… Is this sarcasm?

specialguest88d ago

Yes, you're not observant if you think it looks exactly the same. It immediately appeared different to me from the start. Mario's 3D model will always be the same, so not much difference there. However, the animation they've given the Super Mario Wonder makes it look more like a CGI Mario animation where as the New Mario Bros game looks more like typical video game animation movements

__SteakDeck__87d ago

@specialguest Yeah those animations are insane.

FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago

You really didn't notice the difference? It's really obvious, I was surprised when I first saw the trailer.

Asplundh87d ago

"Am I missing something?"

Your glasses maybe?

Juancho5188d ago

This Mario game looks great, getting a switch for this and Mario RPG. CANT WAIT, TITS JACKED.

Profchaos87d ago

Yeah I liked how much more emotion could be conveyed through the new style at first glance I didn't see much difference but then rewatching the trailer I'm seeing more and more animations that remind me of the Mario artwork from the manual of smb3

Outlawzz87d ago

I hated the new super Mario bros Style. This new one seems a lot more expressive and less generic. I hope it's a good game

shinoff218387d ago

I prefer the 2d Mario's. Me and my girl have played them all together and mario galaxy , Mario odyssey. The 2nd player option is extremely eh

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Nintendo Needs a 'New' New Super Mario Bros. Series

Nintendo hasn't given attention to the New Super Mario Bros. series in years, and it may be time to give the 2D platformer something 'new' to do.

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Becuzisaid189d ago

Mario as a 2D platformer has been around for nearly 40 years. What else is there that a 2D Mario platformer can do besides throw in a random gimmick like Cat-suit Mario (yes I know that was a 3D Mario, but I'm just making a point - gimmicks are not innovations)? The entire premise is go from point A to point B, collect a couple things on the way, jump over obstacles, and reach and exit. I hoped at one point that Mario Maker would be the next big 2D Mario thing, but that just quickly became a series of stupid-complicated autorun levels. I say just build off of Odyssey for a few games and innovate in that direction.

And for the record I love 2D Mario games, and if anyone can find a way to innovate something it's Nintendo - BUT the New SMB series of games wasn't all that great and to me it's just the limitations of the genre at this point.

CrimsonWing69189d ago

It’s crazy to me that nothing has come close to Mario 3 and Mario World. Those are the apex of Mario games for me. Yea 64 was revolutionary and I even like Odyssey, but I would choose 3 over any Mario game.


Metroid Maker Should Be Next to Get a Super Mario Maker Treatment

Super Mario Maker has been a great series for Nintendo, but it is time to move on. How about a Metroid Maker? That would be interesting! Check out Jason Capo’s thoughts for more.

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iplay1up2412d ago

I hope Nintendo brings back real dungeons in BOTW 2!

deleted412d ago

Metroid certainly would be cool, but 100% Zelda dungeon maker should be the priority! It makes the most sense!

Jeriphro412d ago

The only issue with Zelda, for me, is that it won't have the same freedom of styles that Mario Marker has. Zelda 1, LttP, and the Game Boy ones could all possibly work, but Zelda also has a lot of 3D games. I guess if you limited the styles to Original Zelda, LttP, Minish Cap, and Link's Awakening, that could work. That's four different styles for a dungeon maker, but I think a Metroid Maker is closer to Mario and would probably be easier to make.

deleted411d ago

@Jeriphro Mario Maker drew mostly from its 2D roots, so I take no issue with a 2D only Zelda Maker. However, they also translated Mario 3D World elements into the 2D space, so I wouldn't mind that they do something similar with overhead Zelda games using more modern 3D elements too. A Link to the Past Remake shows how nice 3D elements can be implemented into the standard overhead Zelda view.

2D Zeldas were the games I grew up on anyways, A Link to the Past being one of my favorite games of all times! They halfway attempted a creator within the Links Awakening remake, but I'd like to see a fully realized creator. Of course though, Super Metroid was also once of my favorite games of all times so I'm dying to see a Metroid maker too. ;)

DethWish412d ago

Metroid Maker is a sweet idea

Knightofelemia412d ago

I'd go either for Metroid Maker a Zelda Maker would also be great even a Mario Kart Maker as well.