Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Can Be Pre-Loaded Now

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters can be pre-loaded now.

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equal_youth3139d ago

Yes! Is it known yet where the DLC will take place in terms of Character-Lvl?
I hope my lvl 176 character isn't to overpowered but on the other hand i would not mind starting a new one.

hugogs3139d ago

Depends on what ng you`re on

equal_youth3139d ago

Oh thanks! I haven't thought about that. I also didn't play the game again after i got my platinum but it's still in my top 3 favorite games of the year. I can't wait to dive into yharnam again.

maybelovehate3139d ago

Pretty excited about this.. Still near the top of my Game of the Year list.

esmittystud1013139d ago

This is my game of the year. The Witcher 3 had way too much dialogue for my liking and The Witcher combat system was way too weak. I always felt distant from the fight. You would perform the same "double fist on sword, 360 degree swipe" like a thousand times. Coulnd't get a finisher to save my life.

So yeah, Bloodboren was deffinatly my Game of the Year. Waiting on The Old Hunters C.E. strategy guide as well. Should be here two weeks after DLC is released.

Wallstreet373139d ago

Damn you read my mind! I put Witcher 3 down probably 30 hours in bcause yes too much dialogue and the combat really sucked imo.

Bloodborne is my GOTY without a question and i own most new games. Dragon age Inquisition ewwwww was crap imo too.

3139d ago
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Dudeson731d ago

Damn, I feel stupid when years ago I played all the dlc for fallout 3 except the pitt. My younger ass looked at it and thought it was boring without trying I believe... Well good reason to fire up the old dusty ps3!

PhillyDillyDee731d ago

Bethesda usually does great DLC. Makes sense they are on the list 3 times.

generic-user-name731d ago

Solid list, I'd add inFamous: Festival of Blood, although it was a standalone download, it still felt like an inFamous 2 expansion.

Blood and Wine might be the best ever though.

SullysCigar731d ago

I'd also add in Horizon The Frozen Wilds. As I started it, I wasn't sure I had the energy, but my God that was awesome. Some of the best weapons, enemies and missions in Horizon for sure.