XboxUK failed to show how Backward Compatibility on game disc works

Several days ago XboxUK released a video showing how backwards compatibility works on Xbox One. Free backwards compatibility is certainly a great feature to the console however the video failed to completely tell how backwards compatibility will work on disc based games.

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AngelicIceDiamond1158d ago

Just started up Dungeon Siege III on X1. Gotta say getting 4 free games a month is great.

HaydenJameSmith1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

It is, was enjoying Dungeon Siege too. Liked it more than I expected...


What? All I said was I enjoying Dungeon Siege. And yes it doesn't play the discs cause it can't. It's not a catch, it's a necessity to play said games...

Plus once you've downloaded the game, you don't need to be online.

NewMonday1158d ago

oh so it doesn't play the actual discs and requires online

always a catch with Microsoft SMH!

christocolus1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


Have you been living under a rock? That's old news. It's been known since E3 this year.

Its always downplaying with you. SMH

Lev19031157d ago

@NewMonday Im sorry, where is sony's backwards compatibilty?

You dont need to downplay the awesome feature of this, it makes you look salty.

holysmokesbatman1157d ago


Your constant trolling of xbox related articles is pathetic, you're an embarrassment to gamers in general and your fellow Sony fans.

Go outside.

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Rookie_Monster1158d ago

Put in the disc that is BC compatible, download the game online and play. What is so difficult about it?

christocolus1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Lmao. well said Rookie.

They prefer being spoon-fed. Lol

Kiwi661157d ago

Believe it or not but for some particular people its a hard concept for them to grasp hence they downplay it

Ciporta19801158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

How is this an article? They are acting like a crime was committed.

NewMonday1158d ago

Is false advertising legal?

Kiwi661157d ago

How is it false advertising ?

Ciporta19801157d ago

What form of false advertising was used? Are all products that don't include all instructions in the advert using false advertising? Coz that would mean every product ever has done it.

NewMonday1157d ago

it gives the impression it works exactly like using a disk on a 360 console and that is false

0to1001158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Was this article made by the lead designer of ps now? Because i taste salt

FoxyGotGame1158d ago

What's to be salty about? The games on that list aren't great...X1 BC is lacking anything outstanding, only Xbox devotees are hyping BC. Meanwhile 'new' multiplat games perform better on PS4.

Quit crowing and enjoy the older 360 games /

SirJoJo1157d ago

Read the comment, looked the name, ahh makes sense.