Super-ripped video game heroine figure could stab you to death with her pointy pelvis

Just when you thought “anime girls with boobs so big they can’t stand up” was going to walk away with the award for this week’s most exaggerated character design, here comes a new challenger.

When video game publisher Atlus released Dragon’s Crown in 2013, it was the first full-fledged, big-budget side-scrolling beat ‘em up to come out in years.

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vanity293142d ago ShowReplies(1)
DivineAssault 3141d ago

The scale of this statue is a bit off.. Loved the game though.. Have it on vita and ps3

Christopher3141d ago

YEah, the head especially is wayyyy too small for the body they are presenting. Even compared to the character in Dragon's Crown.

DivineAssault 3141d ago

Those thighs and her head are a bit off from the game model.. If you look closely at the pictures in the article you can see it. Even the axe is a bit too big

MeteorPanda3141d ago

l love this monstrosity. everything is an eyesore, everything would make people stop and ask....why..

Avery3141d ago

wow 3 knees on one leg..

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Immagaiden391d ago

Why mention PS5 when talking about PS3

390d ago
Magog391d ago

The load times in retrospect are unbearable but I did have hella fun playing couch co-op with my gf on the PS3 and PS2.

anast390d ago

Couch co-op is the best alternative.

Rynxie390d ago

Resistance 2 co-op was amazing! I wish they would remaster resistance 1-3 and killzone 1-3 for the PS5.

1Victor266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Let me save you the time to scroll down no Warhawk or Starhawk, 2 of the best co-op games on PS3

mastershredder107d ago

Ricardo Irving is one of the best-worst bad guys / mini-bosses ever.


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Applejack1182d ago

I have a friend who still has a sealed copy of Folklore. I’m sure it’s worth more now than it was when it released but I’m not sure how much more.

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franwex1182d ago

Bought it for $5 at Walmart. I have yet to play it. But I did open it to look at it. Heh.

phoenixwing1182d ago

the game is actually good. I'd rather buy and play it than keep a sealed copy

Indigon1182d ago

Yeah I gave my brother my PS3 for free with a lot of games but I kept Folklore.