Socom Confrontation PS3 Beta started already? Indeed it has

MaxConsole writes: "Darkjaksrevenge dropped in to let us know that there are a number of gamers getting into the Socom Beta as of now. The admins of the Playstation forum have received beta access and some of the MVP's although one of the threads has been taken down. However, the ID's that have definitely got in are Patriot24, CronoEX and BEMO-844. You can view two additional confirmation pictures at ImageShack."

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TheHater3721d ago

Mother F#$KER. I want in

unrealgamer583721d ago

lol i want in awwwwwww man

Maddens Raiders3721d ago

I want to play this game so bad.

GVON3721d ago

Hope it comes out in the UK, I've never played them before but would like a taste before I can say yes I definitely want it. I'm about 80% certain to get the headset version, but I'd like to be 95% certain before I commit my cash to this.

Kratos Spartan3721d ago

Coming in September, right? Oh, you, you, and you, PWND!!!

TheHater3721d ago

I think Qore, and the open beta is coming in September

Mikelarry3721d ago

what it said on the qore episode. bah lies i want in now

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The story is too old to be commented.