Project Abraham and AAA has been updated (8/8/08)

Khaner has been voted for injecction. His dossier is updated with Cassie's psych report, a video of his reaction; Gennaro and Danby also receive psych reports.

Khaner's dossier also includes an audio transcript where he reveals to Hale that he failed heavily on a 'placement exam' (which is circled in red) with the number 826478 written next to it. This leads to a new SRPA Terminal file - PE826478

Cassie reveals and records her thoughts on Khaner and Hale.

The AAA releases issue 4 of America First America Only.

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reincarnated4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

yea!!! SHE LIKES NATHAN!!!!!

mistertwoturbo4348d ago

Just curious, what is the point of that website and all those things?

arakouftaian4348d ago

it make me get more into the history n it make the wait worth it

Mc Fadge4348d ago

It basically adds to the story of the Resistance alternate universe, and also lets us know what's coming in the sequel. For example, aquatic Chimera and giant military turrets ;D!

theKiller4348d ago

what is Project Abraham?? is it resistance 2?

TheExecutive4348d ago

its apparently the program where they are trying to find a cure for the chimera virus.

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Bubble Buddy4348d ago

Project Abraham actually keeps me more and more curious bout the game and the chimeran virus.