Gamespot: E3 2008 Editors Choice Awards

The event known as E3 has gone through more than a few changes in recent years. Up until 2006, it was inarguably the single biggest, most important trade show and event in the entire game industry. This year, E3 returned to the hallowed halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but in a different way. The event itself no longer occupied the entire venue (restricting itself primarily to the central Concourse Hall), and it changed its name to the E3 08 Business and Media Summit. Still, there were plenty of very impressive games on hand, and GameSpot made sure to bring you live coverage every day of the show, both from our editorial writing team and from our live stage show, which broadcast demonstrations of the most exciting games at E3 2008--and exclusive demonstrations of a few other games that weren't at the show and couldn't be seen anywhere else.

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Omega44349d ago

Wow Fable 2 dominated for once, im even more hyped now

4348d ago
callahan094348d ago

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I am very surprised to see Fable 2 win game of the show. It doesn't look all that intriguing to me, but maybe that's just because when I saw the bird poop on the kids face I couldn't help but think it was one of the stupidest things I'd ever seen. Not funny, just lame. Other than that, I really cannot judge the game. But it still seems an odd choice to me.

Also, what is it with 3 out of 5 of the best 360 games being multiplats that are also available on PS3?

And even more confusing, 1 of the 5 best PS3 games is a multiplat that is also available on the 360... and yet, it's NOT one of the 3 multiplats that was nominated for the 360. How do they figure that?

Star Wars Force Unleashed is one of the 5 best PS3 games, but not one of the 5 best 360 games? Furthermore, Resident Evil 5, Mirror's Edge, and Fallout 3 are among the 5 best 360 games, but not the 5 best PS3 games? It really just doesn't make any sense. Therefore, I deem GameSpot's list: NONSENSE!

GOTY 20074348d ago

Hater's keep on hatin' while XBox 360 keeps getting the games!!

Fable 2 is going to be another awesome RPG addition to my Xbox 360 library : )

callahan094348d ago

If you're disagreeing with my assessment that the bird pooping on the kid's face in Fable 2 was lame... then so be it.

Otherwise, don't disagree with my assessment that their list is nonsense, because it is. It literally doesn't make any sense. Think about it...

You've got Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, and Resident Evil 5 as 3 of the best games on the 360, but those same games are not listed as some of the best games on the PS3? That implies to me that there are 5 PS3 exclusives that are all beter than those 3 games. However, they skewer that idea by putting Star Wars The Force Unleashed on the best PS3 games list. This implies that Star Wars The Force Unleashed is better than Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, and Resident Evil 5... yet it doesn't show up on the 360 list. So in TURN, what they're implying is that Star Wars The Force Unleashed is better on the PS3 than it is on the 360, and that Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, and Resident Evil 5 are better on the 360 than they are on the PS3.

None of that makes any sense to me, because I'm sure that they're all largely equals across each of those two platforms. And finally, to top it all off, they listed Mirror's Edge in the 360 section, but not in the PS3 section, implying (as I pointed out above) that it's an inferior game on the PS3. I don't see how this could be possible, considering that the PS3 is the lead platform for Mirror's Edge, and all demonstrations of the game were done on the PS3 not on the 360. Now, Fallout 3 for instance was demoed on the 360, so I can SORT OF see how they count it as a 360 game. But lumping Mirror's Edge into the 360 category, too, even though what we've seen is mostly PS3 footage, and the developer's admitted the game has been in lead development on the PS3?

None of it makes any sense, that's my point.

These idiots at GameSpot would've done better to just leave out multiplatform games from their best of lists, or at least have gone about their nominations somehow differently, because the implications being made by the current lists of 5 Best PS3 and 5 Best 360 games are pretty nonsensical. Period.

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GiantEnemyCrab4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Nice to see Fable 2 beat out all the competition with Game of the Show.

This fall should be an excellent time to be a 360 gamer.

I question the best graphics catagory. I thought KZ2 would sweap this on every site but maybe it's not as impressive in person? I just don't know why it's not getting the "OMG!" response on graphics from these sites judging from what I've seen in video.

psman0124349d ago

I thought that LittleBigPlanet was going to win, but I guess not.

Kleptic4349d ago

the media never wants to admit how good KZ2 looks...because then it falls back to how they all claimed a PS3 would never create anything close to is very close...not quite there...but close...the reality is that Killzone 2 will most likely only recieve very average reviews because reviewers have already determined that is what they want it to be...just look at what they criticize in that game, and then compare to what they praise in other'll see what I mean...

in either case...yeah that is impressive that Fable 2 took best of show...I really expected Fallout 3 or LBP to do it based on other sites opinions...apperantly its shaping up pretty nicely...

the shooter genre was crap though...neither resistance 2 or Killzone 2 were even finalists, yet a few low key games were (although I am nearly equally excited for Project Origin as Resistance 2)...left 4 dead does look pretty decent, and should rearrange some co-op stuff nicely...but other than that it just looks like another Source game...oh well...this is gamespot, no one really expects a lot of credibility from them anymore...

BiggDaddy3114349d ago

These 'awards' Seem to be some of the biggest surprises I have read. Flower best Graphics? Fable 2 over Fallout 3, The first site not kissing Bethesda's bottom very interesting.

<I think Fallout will be great, just tired of seeing everyone give it best of show/rpg action game.>

krakdol4348d ago

Oh yeah and it was very hard for MS to win at gamespot, which is owned / paid by Microsoft... Stupid fanboyism for the win ?

The rest of the world thinks that Little Big Planet was the best game of the show, I think I'll believe them more than MS Gamespot.

Dacapn4348d ago

I kinda found their whole list strange. Gears 2, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 weren't mentioned at all. I believe IGN had Killzone 2 for best graphics, and as for the shooter award...Left 4 Dead looks fun, I didn't think it looked good enough to trump the other shooters out there.

Fable II for best of show? I was actually underwhelmed by it's showing. I assume the game'll be good considering people swear by the first one like it's the Qu'ran, but definitely NOT best of show. And they were really hung up on that Flower game haha.

Strange list indeed.

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WhittO4349d ago

ye Killzone 2 graphics are sort of expected by everyone now, but i think when i am playing through it ill just be like :O the whole time lol

CViper4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

That must be the issue? People are stubbornly fixating on that idea that Sony lied about 4d and CGI visuals.

These are the same people that praise COD4/Halo3 yet can't seem to accept that kz2 looks great. I've seen hd footage, and the only better looking game ive seen, is Crysis, and thats not a console game. As far as hard to process things like: Depth of Field, OBJECT motion Blur, Frame Motion Blur, Lighting, Animation, volumetric particles, and great shader detail. Metal sheens/glass reflects etc..

If you cut up Halo3 or COD4 or BIOSHOCK into categories of what has technically gone into the engine, there is no way in hell to downplay what GG has done. Its unfortunate this is being done, because GG did deliver on its target render. No not 100%, no one ever does that. But im getting sick of people trying to pretend the game doesn't look good in person, and that some how it looks completely terrible in person, when most people will agree that Crysis/COD4/Halo3/GTA4 all looked "OH MY GOD" from Gametrailers "hd" feeds. Its ridiculous.

Anyone with eyes, that aren't fixated on their hunk of plastic can see that Kz2 -so far- has the best visuals in a console game. I'd love for anyone to try to debate that with another console game. I'd love it. Bring your videoclips, bring your reasoning, and if you are daring, bring up the Unreal Engine lol.

cmrbe4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

is held at a higher standard by the media in general. If its too short like Gears (HS) is too short. If it has too much variety its a bad thing. If it has long cut scenes to rap up the most complicated game story accumulated over 20 years its bad.If a game dosent reach its amazing target render 100% then its bad. I guess the media just expected more from the PS3.

Cartesian3D4349d ago

I dont know why , but if I were a gaming journalist, I would be grateful for their effort..

sorry for comparing just graphics.. but in HALO 3 the character is walking but it has 20Km per hour speed ,utterly unrealistic .. the character jumps from 100 meters high but there is no animation for gravity impact when it hits the ground .. its just a few exampels (i said nothin about death animations or particle effects.. or blah blah)

the attention to details in KILLZONE is absolutely amazing , may be thats just because of that famous CG trailer(such a big burden for them to achieve the target) .. no matter what but its valuable , and any gaming site must appreciate them for this gorgeous game that brings Hollywood visuals to the realtime gameplay..

BTW the soundeffects for guns are amazing too , it feels so much real when you shoot things..

green4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Jeez, calm down.Should you not be at least happy that they gave the best graphics's award to FLOWER(a ps3 exclusive)?

From what i saw FLOWER looked very good and it was largely ignored by a lot of journalists.So at least be happy for the game because awards like these will get the game a little extra publicity.

johnnywit4348d ago

I think graphics have a lot to do with artistic style as well as looking photo realistic. KZ2 looks amazing but just because it looks so real doesn't necessarily mean that more people will like the art style. Doom and Far cry for the XBOX amazed me but I still like games liked shadow of the colossus and wind waker in terms of art style more. I thought flower looked amazing.

INehalemEXI4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

I do agree that art direction is important. Take the Diablo 3 issues for example. It was like WoW assets bled into Diablo 3 something ugly. There was a big WTF rightfully branded on that ish. Flower is a very innovative fresh graphics direction but its literaly panzy's. I would of went with KZ2. Simply because I would not encourage devs to think panzy's are so entertaining. Thats got to be a casual game.

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