Halo 5 Guardians Graphics Analysis: 343 Industries Proves “Frame Rate is King”

Does 343 Industries deliver on its promise for a solid 60 FPS?

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Dudebro901271d ago

This reads like it was ripped right from digital foundry...

gameseveryday1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

This is not true. We have been working on this analysis for a while. Only got the chance to publish it today. Editing video, writing a 2000 word article for the site and another set of 1500 words for the video only, and then voice over work, uploading to Youtube is not called ripping off. It's a process that takes 3-4 days.

DLConspiracy1271d ago

I think in most people's minds people hit 1 button and all that hard work is done. People have no clue.

Timesplitter141271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

just look at this beautiful fluid gameplay

I can't believe some people still believe the myth that the human eye can't see past 30fps. All devs should favor FPS over graphics, it makes all the difference

001271d ago

to bad 60fps gives halo 5 all that weird pop in graphics.

Fireseed1271d ago

It's unfortunate but I'd rather have that than 30fps.

001271d ago

really? I find it way more distracting then 30Fps and makes the game look worse overall,and might have even got co-op too.

Timesplitter141271d ago

define "weird pop in graphics"?

Timesplitter141271d ago

seems like an extremely small price to pay for such a huge improvement. Even most 30fps games have popping LODs

Fireseed1271d ago

It's true, last night me and a buddy were playing Halo 5 and left after some pretty harsh lag. So we decided to go back to Destiny (lag in PvP is far more annoying than lag in PvE) and HOLY CRAP! we couldn't believe how choppy it was running after playing a game at 60fps.

KiwiViper851271d ago

That's funny, I've never jumped straight from 60fps to 30fps or vise versa. But I would imagine the difference to be quite jarring.

Timesplitter141271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I usually play on my PC all the time, and I've taken the habit of always tweaking my graphics settings so that my fps never drops under 60.

As a result, I can't stand most console games anymore (those that are 30fps). I tried playing Far Cry 4 on PS4 not too long ago and I couldn't even last half an hour.

Hopefully that trend of 30fps console games will end soon.

KiwiViper851271d ago

I dont think 60fps in open world is possible on either console unfortunately.

NatFanBoyRestricted1271d ago

You notice it allot when hopping back on Borderlands2 on a 360. Or sniping on bf4 on 360 after playing a 60fps first person shooter of some sort.

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