Halo 5 - Review [Mammoth Gamers]

Mammoth Gamers takes a look at the fifth installment of the main Halo series titled Halo 5: Guardians. Is the game worth the hype and can it live up to it's predecessors? Find out in this review!

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TheLyonKing1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

At the end of the day it is what you make of this game. The people defending it on here are going to get it the people bashing it won't. These reviews are people on the fence.

Multiplayer is always praised so if you are looking for longevity yeah get it. Campaign from what I have read is linear and considering the open ended nature of previous halo games it does sound like a bummer coupled with a flat story but I have no say as I am not that a big a halo fan.

As an outsider to the game I view the experience more of a social game these days so sounds like 100% winner in my books if you want a good looking game with a great online experience

boodi1270d ago

it feels alot like he had a negative bias all throughout the review if you care to read it ..any aspect of the game he care , he quite starts and develope on a down note..

ScaReCrow901270d ago

Fyi all halo campaigns are linear. It's not an open world. Just putting that in there.

TheLyonKing1269d ago

I never said open world I said open ended.

boodi1270d ago

"It isn’t the console seller that Microsoft wanted it to be"
holy shit he knows it ..

let's see how xb1 sales will go on this season before man before sayin the game doesn't help xb1 sales

pivotplease1270d ago

Despite some mixed reviews, I think this will be the biggest system seller the x1 has in its lifetime. Until the inevitable Halo 6 at least. I don't see Gears moving nearly as many...especially with the new direction that franchise is going in.

Swiftsh0t1270d ago

I agree that it is the best Xbox game this year, but I haven't been all that happy with my Xbox One titles this year. Been using my PlayStation 4 a lot more.

Swiftsh0t1270d ago

I would like to chime in for everyone, I am the creator of this review. I have played through and completed every Halo on Legendary as my first playthough. Dumped countless hours into multiplayer, and quite honestly the story just isn't there. I don't like the squad based team with poor AI on my side, and I don't connect with Locke at all. Multiplayer kicks f***in ass and is great aside from a few gripes about match matchmaking and map selection. But my review is based off my experience throughout the series.

MasterCornholio1270d ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. I admire your courage to come forward like this in the comment section.

I appreciate your review and thank you for it.

Septic1270d ago

What are your gripes about the match making if you don't mind me asking?

Swiftsh0t1270d ago

Thought I hit reply, check longer post.

Swiftsh0t1270d ago

I play mostly slayer match types, and a really skilled SWAT player. My only real complaint so far is that the game chooses the next match for me. I liked voting, its been around for a while. I played about 20 matches of swat last night and most of them were Swatnums. Meaning it was swat mode but with mags instead of BR. Also the DMR seems to have just vanished from most of the game and from everything except the early campaign. But yea, the players usually get to decide what match they want to play, and I miss that.

Side note, if anyone wants to be carried through legendary or party up my tag is Swift Sh0t86. Keep in mind I Twitch stream when I play. I know that annoys some people.

Septic1269d ago

Removal of voting was greeted very positively, and for good reason; so many maps weren't barely played because many picked the same ones over and over.

That's a small gripe though. I thought you were alluding to the netcode. That's what I'm worried about. I'm on it tonight so will find out.

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