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If your favourite team has performed disappointingly at the World Cup and you want to correct that fact (mentioning no names… okay, England), or if your team has done well and you want to relive those triumphs (our grudging congratulations to Wales) then you might be thinking of picking up a copy of Rugby World Cup 2015. Unfortunately, it’s a decision you’ll quickly come to regret. This game has been rushed out to coincide with the event it shares a name with, and it really shows. With AI so poor that it can barely simulate a game of rugby, you’re better off sticking with reality this time around, even if you end up broken-hearted.

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paul-p19882152d ago

My brother bought this on sale, and before he even gave me the 2nd controller he said "tbh I wouldn't have even spent £10 on this" and I completely understand why.

The game is OK at best, but the AI run off at random times (the amount of times I was offside because one of my players decided to stroll off...), the tackling was horrible and hampered by the fact you could pretty much walk at the opposition and they wouldn't even bother to tackle you even on the hardest difficulty, and the vast majority of the teams aren't even official teams...

This is actually the first time I ever thought that EA might be able to improve something. I even sent them a tweet begging they make a rugby game lol