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James writes - "Rugby fever has spread across the globe for an event that only occurs every four years, the Rugby World Cup. Sporting occasions that happen so infrequently, tend to be the pinnacle of their sport and so, everyone wants to get involved in some way. HB Studios wanted to get in on the act by developing the Official Rugby World Cup 2015 game and releasing it prior to the tournament kicking off."

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neil3632168d ago

Could you imagine if a football (soccer) title turned out like this? There would be absolute uproar!

paul-p19882167d ago

I really wanted to get this game, I LOVED RWC2011 on my PS3, online was poor but the fundamental gameplay was great. The more reviews I see of this game the more I am tempted to avoid it, and maybe even betray my Rugby Union roots and get the Rugby League game *shock* because it looks REALLY good!