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With the Rugby World Cup now well into the swing of things now seems like a good time to get in on the action and try out the official rugby tie-in game. Rugby games have always been notoriously disappointing, riddled with bad gameplay. Developed by HB Studios Rugby World Cup 2015 looks to change things by one, improving on last year’s disappointing title and two, spark up some more interest now the tournament is playing on everyones minds. Now that we’re well into this year’s competition has this game succeeded? Most definitely not.

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1noobgamer1761d ago

not so excited about this now England has gone out :(

HRD_Games1761d ago

Gosh, I wasn't expecting much from a Rugby game, but this one looks like a pass even for hardcore fans.

GamerGabs1761d ago

Always a shame when games have been shoved out to match with an event without much care given about how it actually plays.

Immorals1761d ago

This game has gone as well as our chances in the world cup!

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