Epic's Cliff Bleszinski Talks Resistance 2

Spanish web HardGame2 has posted an interview with Epic's Cliff Bleszinski, where the father of Gears of War talk about Gears of War 2 and (surprise) Resistance:

HG2: Do you think that Resistance 2 can be rival of Gears of War 2?

Cliff Bleszinski: Man, I think that the competition is always positive, and bearing in mind that my game is better (laughs). I know and I am friend of Ted (Insomniac), but I must say that despite being a good attempt, the quality of Resistance 2 falls short of the Gears of War 2.

This story has been translated by Google translator pages.

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Batusai3726d ago

I think it is normal that Cliff defend his game, but in my opinion, Resistance 2 can be better than GoW 2. Resistance 2 will innovate, GoW 2 won't.

sonarus3726d ago

How will it innovate?

Resistance will succeed with content with the separate coop mode and i believe the multiplayer experience will be better but thats pretty much all i see resistance using to gain an edge on gears.

Sales wise gears will be greater and their gameplay will be better as well. Resistance story will probably be better as well but overall single player experience will probably go to gears. Gears of war gameplay is excellent and gameplay is the most important factor

iamtehpwn3726d ago

"HEEEEEEY! Buddy! Nice game. Sucks Donkey ass compared to mines, but nice game!"

CliffyB, ace jerk. =P

xjxdoggystyyle3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

when did resistance become a good game? when did resistance become a system seller or a franchise game..last i checked gow sold 5mil + games? game of year awards? and resistance wasnt even in the same breath....and same will happen this november.....resistance will come and fade away ..while gears a collects all the awards etc.... i was a sucker and fell for the hype and bought resistance 1.....that will NOT happen again this time gears 2 limited edition has been preordered for months now

i cant wait for the reviews for both games to come out..and when gears owns hear the fanboys say...msoft paid them off to write good reviews.... so on so on...the typical sony defense force excuses

sonarus3726d ago

Resistance has sold almost 3million copies. Its not 5million but its still pretty impressive.

To be honest i don't see gears being much of a systems seller. Both games will be released during the holiday season essentially a guarantee both games will sell well

Common Sense3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

as a LAUNCH GAME. The 360 had an established fanbase, when Gears came out, the Ps3 didn't when Resistance came out. Insomniac has a better track record than Epic. Insomniac releases a AAA game every year.

Enjoy your 10 multiplayer. I'll enjoy UP TO 60 multiplayer. Enjoy your 2 player co-op and I'll enjoy UP TO 8 player co-op. Enjoy your short campaign. I'll enjoy TWO campaigns. Enjoy fighting 50 ft Brumak. I'll enjoy fighting 300ft Leviathan. Enjoy playing on a console with a 33% failure rate and I'll enjoy on a console with <1% failure rate.

Now I wonder which game is bigger (60 Mp vs 10 Mp, 8 coop vs 2 coop, two campaigns vs one campaign), more badass( 300ft monster vs. 50 ft monster), better (do you really have to ask?).

Why the disagrees?
All I stated were facts.

sonarus3726d ago

sales of resistance.

The holiday system will help motivate sales for both consoles and both games will help catalyze the quick sales. With or without gears or resistance both systems will sell well during that holday season

juuken3726d ago

Yeah, I agree. Gears 2 does look a lot better than the first time we've seen it and it'll probably be a really good game but my money's on Resistance 2.

And sonarus...VG Chartz? Are you serious?!

Monchichi0253726d ago

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! It seems that Sony fans try to coat-tail Resistance to Gears so it can get some credibility by having it mentioned in the same breathe. I mean, Resistance was never even CONSIDERED for any Game of the Year awards or given high review scores. It sold somewhat decent cuz it was the only decent game out for the first 8 months when Sony launched the PS3. Then it's sales numbers were inflated when it was bundled in Europe.

And Yes I will get A LOT of disagrees but someone please step up to the plate and give me some solid reasons why Resistance can even compare to Gears. I don't want fanboy dreams, I want you to show me Awards, Lists where Resistance is rated above Gears or same sales numbers! Anything solid!! I challenge you to show us something!!

4D3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

We cant compare sales of Gears Of War with sales of RFOM due to the fact that RFOM has been bundled with PS3's in different territories. So the numbers wouldnt be accurate no matter what the source is.

Theres at least 4 games so far on the PS3 that have been bundled. RFOM, Motorstorm, GTA4, MGS4. So when you guys quote sales figures just know that they have been artificially inflated.

Just like Forza 2 and Marvell Universe on 360.

Just like Wii Sports on the Wii.

Avto3726d ago

Three million for a launch game is very good and can be considered just as good as 5 million for GeOW, as for quality of the game I will see Epic when their games will get some mo-cap animations, Resistance 2 has them.

NO_PUDding3726d ago

'Who cares' for these reasons:

-This will be an awful translation.

-What he said if it isn't baldy translated, will mean, he think competition is good, but is takign no notice of it, becuase his game is better, so the competition he speaks of affects him evry little. While Resistance 2 will improve with it.

Just calm down. I don't care what he says anymore, different games for different tastes. I personally am a bit of a garphics whore so I will be going with Resistance 2.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Yes it's pretty easy ranking up 5 million with no competition in the market. Gears of War launched November 7, 2006 and the PlayStation 3 launched November 11, 2006. So yes it's easy being the only real next generation game available on the market to rank up 5 million.

Do you really think that will happen so quickly with so much other games out there? Remember now Resistance: Fall of Man was a launch title not a game that came out a year later after the console launch. For that fact that it was a launch title going against Gears of War was pretty impressive but now the playing field is leveled.

Chitown712913726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

It's just friendly competition when u think about it. Of course Cliffy B can be an asshole at times, but this time he's not. He's just making fun at Ted Price. Come on you know Ted probally does the same thing to Gears 2 when it's just the two of them.

Cliffy B: Gears of War is going to take the crown again Ted.( he's just playing around)

Ted Price: It never had Resistance, in the first place.( he's just playing around)

Cliffy B: Aw, so why did Gears win all of those GOTY awards, hunh Ted.( he's just playing around)

Ted Price: Because Microsoft paid for it you douche. ( he's just playing around)

Cliffy B: We will see who has the last laugh this holiday season. (serious)

Ted Price: Yeah because it will be a whole different setting this time around.(serious)

Cliffy B: Wanna play some Gears Ted

Ted Price : Sure, only if u prove to me that you can beat me in Resistance.

Cliffy B: Anytime, anyday, I will kick your @ss, in Resistance and Gears.

Ted Price: Whatever you say buddy.

They go and play each others games, they complement each other on a good job they have done with the game, and us fanboys keep bickering about how much of an @sshole Cliffy B is. While he can be at times, he wasn't this time.

sonarus3726d ago

vgchartz has gears of war at about 5million which is the last confirmed sales data. so if we accept 5million then we accept resistance 3million :D

Monchichi0253726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Your arguement of Resistance not selling as much is Hogwash!!! When Gears released it already had TONS of competition from other very good 360 games.

Resistance had NOOO competition for the first 8 months or so when the PS3 launched. What, it wasn't till Uncharted came out that another game was worth buying for the PS3?

And to add more to it, GEARS was a HUGE system seller. It helped create that large 360 install base.
Resistance, aghhh....Not so much. Resistance was only a "I want a PS3 and I need a good game to play with it." And deep down you know that's true!
(P.S) And I've gotten a lot of disagrees yet no one has provided me any info to backup those disagees.

TOSgamer3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

when it was released. Gears sold about 5 million to an installed base of 8-9 million when it was released. Which one sounds more impressive? Name one 360 launch game that got anywhere near the sales of Resistance. You won't find one. Gears looked better that's all it had going for it. Resistance had better weapons, lag free online, a much longer campaign, better weapons and AI. But it will be interesting this Nov.

xjxdoggystyyle3726d ago

i kno.....what me and you have totally true...and resitance does not even come close to bein ne where near as fun as gears..but u cant say that on n4g...or make any good or rational points about 360 vs ps3...or mods will ban u....delete your post...and or take your bubbles away....all u can do is make your point...and move on to the next thread without even reading the responses..thats pretty much what i do on this sight now...due to the pure bias sony cult this sight has turned into..including the mods..but thanks for agreeing :)

HighDefinition3726d ago

R2 has stepped it up more the GeoW2, in almost everyway imaginable.

Try. Try to list one/few things GeoW2 has stepped up more than R2 (in respect to their originals)

have fun.

zethos563726d ago

Stop comparing Gears 2 and R2 like that. Gears would be crap with 60 players and R2 would be crap with only 10 players. Same with co-op.

In fact, everyone should stop comparing the two, the only thing they have in common is a November release day.

Also... Gears 2 will be a major improvement over Gears 1. Better graphics (yes they're better), a more refined cover system, fixing every single problem that Gears 1 MP had, etc.

power of Green 3726d ago

Resistance 2 will innovate? lol, the game is an ugly URT3 with a couple of more diverse modes. lol

joten3726d ago

and GeoW2 looks like a polished URT3 with same character models and a cover system. hurr see i can make a funny too

Domenikos3726d ago

Sorry... but i don't listen jerks.

JBaby3433726d ago

It all boils down to which game you like better as both bring unique features and gameplay to the table. Gears 2 will definitely be worth playing but there is a reason I'm getting R2 first day.

GUNS N SWORDS3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

if gears of war 2 was on ps3, ps3 gamers would be promoting it. but that isn't the case, here on N4G no one NOT even in the open zone are willing to say so.

i'm entitled to my opinion, and if i want to fvcking say it i will, Cliff Bleszinski's right.

but that doesn't mean that i think so negatively of resistance 2, you'll be surprised.

TheSadTruth3726d ago

****************************** ****************8
as a LAUNCH GAME. The 360 had an established fanbase, when Gears came out, the Ps3 didn't when Resistance came out. Insomniac has a better track record than Epic. Insomniac releases a AAA game every year.

Enjoy your 10 multiplayer. I'll enjoy UP TO 60 multiplayer. Enjoy your 2 player co-op and I'll enjoy UP TO 8 player co-op. Enjoy your short campaign. I'll enjoy TWO campaigns. Enjoy fighting 50 ft Brumak. I'll enjoy fighting 300ft Leviathan. Enjoy playing on a console with a 33% failure rate and I'll enjoy on a console with <1% failure rate.

Now I wonder which game is bigger (60 Mp vs 10 Mp, 8 coop vs 2 coop, two campaigns vs one campaign), more badass( 300ft monster vs. 50 ft monster), better (do you really have to ask?).

Why the disagrees?
All I stated were facts.
***************************** ***********
Sorry but I'll take quality over quantity any day. Resistance games didn't involve teamwork or skill, they involved spawning, dieing in 3 seconds and respawning again. It has an atrocious amount of aim assist that makes Halo 3 look hard. And people have the balls to say GoW isn't innovative, they pretty much invented the cover system (idea by killswitch) and made it mainstream.

***************************** ***********
Resistance sold about 3 million copies to an installed base of under 1 million
***************************** ***********
I honestly feel sorry for you, do you really think the ps3 install base of 1 million all bought the game 3 times? Okay...

gaffyh3726d ago

I don't think that these games even compete, Gears is a TPS and Resistance is FPS. So they have different gameplay and both games look good but it is obvious that Gears looks better. But from my own experience Resistance 1 was much better than Gears in it's story and online (from what I heard GeOW had crappy online), so I expect the same to happen with Resistance 2 vs. GeOW2.

GOW = God of War, which is a million times better than both of these games combined.

borgome3726d ago

Nice buddy, my thoughts exactly. I've never had an experience like GeOW, but have had many like RFOM.

borgome3726d ago

Everthing you said is based on your opinion, just because a game is bigger OBVIOUSLY doesn't mean its going to better. Try using a little more "common sense" next time bud.

CBaoth3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Gears "popularized" the cover system. They didn't invent it, they didn't refine it. Neither did Killswitch. The 1st game on consoles to use the cover system was Winback, on the N64. You know like way back in 1999. You can even collect the main char's dog tag in MGS2 as homage. Anyway, the cover system is EXACTLY the same as today's games. Ironically, the game was developed and published by KOEI, the same ones who make the Dynasty Warriors series that everyone laughs at!

TOSgamer3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I feel sad for you. If came up with such a moronic assumption from my statement. When did I say every ps3 owner bought 3 copies of Resistance? I was simply (obviously not simple enough for you) pointing out that Resistance had a very good tie ratio and long legs for a game that launched with such a small user base. Long legs usually = good game. But its probably my fault. I'll try to keep my statements under five words or less for the feeble minded.

IaMs123726d ago

For 1 gears 2 has a 5 player CO-OP mode... and its a really awesome idea of 60 player games but have you played a game that is about 30+... it gets hectic too hectic where you cant do anything at a certian point... i have just as much fun player a 4on4 Halo match too... Now then do you get to ride that 300ft monster?? i didnt think so seems to me you shoot rockets in the mouth till it sufficates on them and dies.. dont get me wrong when i first saw it i was like WHOA!! BAD A!
IMO either Resistance 2 online 60 player will rock or it will flop big time... imagine the lag on that? thats what i would be worried about Halo big team battles lag like crap lol so hopefully they have a good server to run it all on..

SoulBrotha32923725d ago

Gears 2 R2
Diff execuctions ??????
More guns ????
Story made ppl cry(fact) ??????
more maps
new characters
u fight an ARMY
n 2 much more

I dont no much bout r2 so yall can tell me wht they added to the game

Time_Is_On_My_Side3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

lol, Gears of War had no competition and games like Killzone 2 or Resistance 2 can't compete with each other they're on the same console. Gears of War was the first real next generation game to hit any console and was before the launch of the PlayStation 3. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune virtually came a year later Nov. 17, 2007 so it makes sense.

Just look at the life cycle of the XBOX 360 nothing really all that great until Gears of War. The PlayStation 3 nothing really all that great until Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Put two and two together it's just common sense. The PlayStation 3 is a year behind the XBOX 360 so the big titles will naturally come first on the XBOX 360. That's just common sense.

That's the only reason why Gears of War sold so much because it had no competition in the market at the time. The very same reason why Sony's console is beaten down so much because it's a year behind. With that more PlayStation 3 games run at HD (High Definition) than the XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 didn't even have an HDMI port until the PlayStation 3 was launched.

In the end even though the PlayStation 3 is a year behind you'll find more quality video games being played. If the playing ground was leveled do you really think Perfect Dark Zero would compete with Resistance: Fall of Man, both launch titles. Instead Resistance: Fall of Man was competing with a game a year a head while Reistane: Fall of Man had to be launched with the PlayStation 3.

Just use common sense and you'll see what I'm talking about. Another game would be Ridge Racer 6 (XBOX 360) vs. Ridge Racer 7 (PlayStation 3) the PlayStation 3 version running at 1080p at 60fps at launch.

BLuKhaos3725d ago

has anyone noticed the contrast between MS devs(arrogant i.e Cliff B.,Peter M.,Itagaki) and Sony devs(modest i.e Ted P.,Kojima)?

ajeben8093725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

theres nothing worse than that. dog act. u cant jus say yeh nice try but mines better prove it with ur new innovations. oh wats that i hear uve added a party system!? wow thats a phenomenal improvement from the last i wonder wat insomniac has to show for themselves. oh wats that? 60 player MP? 8 player co-op? 2 campaigns? new chimera/ bosses/ weapons/ better graphics? nothing innovative there

Tomdc3725d ago

there be a lot of stressy fanboys above =P

You can't say Resistance is not a good game though, I prefer it to COD4 (though most disagree with that) Its online play is brill and still fun even now. Resistance 2 also seems to have made many improvements on the original. Gears 2 also looks a very good game and we can't judge which is better untill they are released and even then opinion will differ.

kevnb3725d ago

your mistake is, you listen to reviews. Reviews are nearly worthless right now.

Monchichi0253725d ago

You're arguement that the 360 had no good games is totally inaccurate. Right out the jump the 360 had solid titles like Condemned, Call of Duty and Kameo. Then it was followed shortly after by Ghost Recon, Dead Rising, Rainbow Six and Oblivion. Gears just turned out to be an all time classic. Something that no one has ever said about the first Resistance.

Now you say, it's not fair to compare the two because one was a launch title and the other was not. To that I say: Boo-Hoo!! It is what it is son! It's like Islamic soldiers saying it's not fair that the U.S has bigger and better equipment then them because we're a more advanced nation. Tough!!! Reality is Reality no matter how you want to spin it!

Jake11113725d ago

I have both systems. I have played both games to the extent of knowing and finding almost every hidden item in the games. Therefore I KNOW both games.


GOW had nicer textures, colors.
RFOM had much more detailed environments.(to the extent that some detail could only be seen if you were searching everything.)


GOW sound was good but the music was way too compressed.
RFOM sound was excellent and the music was clear.


GOW cover system was great. 3rd person was good. AI was not up to par.
RFOM 1st person standard. The AI was fantastic though.

Game Length

GOW was way too short. Seemed like Epic ran out of space
RFOM was epic.


GOW's story was bland. Seemed too rushed.
RFOM's story was great. It kept you on your toes.

Boss Battles

GOW (Pathetic). Berzerker was good but that is it. Some of the bosses just sat there and spewed little bird like puss bubbles that flew at you. The large boss in the cavern was so pathetic I couldnt believe Epic threw it in. Shoot in the stomach, he opens mouth, shoot in mouth, he steps back 20 feet..... sad

RFOM. Boss battles were amazing. The AI was fantastic. ** The blue ray shines when it comes to an epic game like this. No restrictions on size = more depth of overall bosses.


GOW was sad. I played it for a while but only because I was bored of COD2 online. Online CO-OP was awesome.

RFOM was fast and fun. Can definitely be improved on. Lets hope insomniac improves the depth of the online games.


RFOM 1 is an A level game
GOW is a B level game.

I think we will see the same for GOW2 and RFOM2. The only way Epic could compete is to go multiple disks. If single disk the game again will be too short, lack depth online, lack detail of environments and size, music will be compressed, the boss fights will be on rails, etc.

Bubble Buddy3725d ago

Ted Price is a much more humbler and respected man than Cliff.

madestar3725d ago

i guess sometimes people can't handle the truth

Adamalicious3725d ago

All I can say for sure is that I enjoyed Resistance more than GeoW and so I'm looking forward to Resistance 2 more than Gears 2. It does look like Gears 2 is addressing most of the gameplay issues from Gears 1, but it remains to be seen if they are fixing the non-gameplay (plot, dialogue, music, etc.) issues that absolutely plagued Gears 1 - at least for me those made the game a lot less enjoyable.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

lol, I never said it was unfair I said it was pretty impressive that a launch title went against a real next generation game. Yes those games are good but Gears of War was the real next generation game to actually it the console.

Comparing Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 is actually at the same level now. Epic games made three big next generation titles as well as Insomnica. With the time frames if Microsoft didn't release the XBOX 360 a year early games like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, God of War 3, Infamous, etc. would have killed Microsoft's line-up.

In conclusion I was just simply stating that Gears of War came out at the right time when there was no competition. It's like Motor Storm coming out with no other racer on the market. That is what drove the sales this time around it's different Sony released their console. That was the point I was trying to come across not that it's unfair because of the time-frames. One thing I would like to know is, what did I try to spin?

A good analogy would be Sony has three-hundred soldiers, Microsoft has one-thousand, and Nintendo has five-thousand. Sony is putting up a good fight with significantly less number of soldiers which is impressive.

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dktxx23726d ago

He tried to be humble but like always he's still an arrogant jackass.

RawPowah3726d ago

Wasn't CliffyB the same guy that said MGS4 was passive entertainment aka a borefest?

I think this guy goes into Interviews with a rather Childish mentality.

SaiyanFury3726d ago

Agreed. He loves to piss on the competition. Always says something attacking the competition when the competition never attacks his own products.

"CliffyB do you take Don Mattrick to be your lawfully wedded partner?"
"I do."

JBaby3433726d ago

Cliffy and Ted completely different. One needs to say his game is better and can't avoid doing it but the other doesn't so leaves the topic alone.

AKIronMaiden3726d ago

Completely Agree. Saying something like that is just distasteful, even if they are friends. And By the way, Cool Priest Avatar.

NowGen3726d ago

get out of the kitchen. LOL. sony fans never change. you guys are tight! what do you expect him to say. if that tom guy got interviewed, not that anyone would want to hear his thoughts anyway. but if he did he would say the same thing. so what! get over it. come this fall i get to play both of them. and i"ll be loving it. while you biased ass mother f'ers will still be screaming at each other hear on n4g.

mfwahwah3726d ago

Ted was asked about this in a gamespot interview, and guess what he said? Something along the lines of "We'll have 2 great games to play this fall."

If Clifford said "in my opinion" or "I think" then this would have been a much different situation.

The Lazy One3725d ago

You should always take things that are translated to spanish, then retranslated to english as what was actually said.


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toughNAME3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Quit stating the obvious Cliffy

lodossrage3726d ago

If you think the man from epic is gonna say ANY sort of notion about the competition being better in any way then you're crazy.

callahan093726d ago

How can there possibly be more disagrees than agrees on your comment, lodossrage? It makes no sense to disagree! Of course it's his bias that makes Cliffy say his game is better. Makes perfect sense.

lodossrage3726d ago

That's why I have so many disagrees man. Common sense is the minority around here at n4g

heroman7113726d ago

Its not like cliffy was wrong

lodossrage3726d ago

Last I remember an opinion is one's own personal perspective.

So just as you can sit there and say "it's not like he was wrong", someone else can sit there and just as easily say "it's not like he's right"

RememberThe3573725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

@3.5(or I guess 0.1...) thank you for you not dumb comment you deserve some bubbles.

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AStupidXbot3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I own a defective machine that Cliff made a game exclusively, Cliff is saying that 8-coop player campain, 2 full campain modes, and 60 player battles is inferior than what Smears of War 1.5 has. I can not beleive I support a defective console that has this noob.

dachiefsman3726d ago

you are hilarious. Do you get paid by Sony cause you really should.

AngryXbot3726d ago

He is a moron to think that Resistance 2 falls short.

Thats what people said about Call of Duty 4 when Infinity Ward said they were going after Halo. Look at what happened. Who owned Halo in 2007?


Resistance 2 does things Queers of war 1.5 can only dream about. SCALE baby. Only possible thanks to Blu Ray. And what does this nerd has to show for? A flamethrower and a move stolen from metal gear solid (use enemy as shield)?

The arrogance.

Kleptic3726d ago

well what exactly is he supposed to say?..."yeah Gears 2 is not quite up to par with Resistance 2"...I am sure MS would love that...

judge for yourself...they are both going to be huge games for their respective platform...where Resistance 2 has made giant leaps compared to Resistance 1, Gears 2 is just a more polished version of Gears 2...however Resistance 1 wasn't nearly as polished as Gears this time around they will be much closer to equal imo...

but they are also very different games...Resistance 2 will have ridiculously giant battles both online and off...but will most likely lack some of the up close detail that is really all that UE3 shines at...

besides...Killzone 2 is what Sony is pushing on the visual front...and notice Cliffy B. quickly dodges questions about that game whenever possible...

PS3rd the Turd3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Stop talking to yourself NASIM.

Xbox 360 has the best games. Everyone knows it.

Gears 2
Fable 2
Infinite Undiscovery(Suare Enix)
The LAST Remnant(Square Enix)
Left 4 Dead(Valve
Fallout 3 DLC
Banjo and Kazooie(Rare)
Scene it


Resistance 2(hahahahahahahha on PS3 this is actually considered a big title).....why is Resistance even being compared to the sequel to 2008's GOTY???????????????? DESPERATE PS3 FANBOYS HAVE NOTHING. That's why.


Socom- (CRAP download made by a reject Sony developer)

Motorstorm 2 hahahhahahahahha!!!!!



Disgea 3 hahahahahhahaha!!!!

Last place PS3rd is a funny joke. Look at the games comparison.There is no comparison. Everything on Xbox 360 will crush the PS3rd's wanna-be's and PS3rd doesnt even have anyhting except Resistance(will be DESTROYED BY GEARS) and Little Big Planet. hahahahhahaha

Right now...Xbox 360 has 13 AAA titles and PS3rd has 5. That's 8 more than the PS3rd..............--->

I GUARANTEE YOU, that by the end of this year...Xbox 360 will extend that lead and have 9 or 10 more AAA titles than the PS3rd. It's going to happen.

PS3rd is the last-place second-hand console this generaiton, getting NO RPG's and having to rely on C-grade Sony developers hahahahahhaa

Xbox 360 WILL CRUSH the PS3rd line-up again. Les wait and see.

I GUARANTEE YOU. Xbox 360 will prove this again while PS3rd sits in last place.

Spread Butt Cheeks3726d ago

why do people compare R2 to GeOW2. They are totally different styles of shooters. if i wanted a game with crappy army guys / aliens i'd buy resistance. if i wanted the best graphics to date i'd buy....of wait....i already have gears of war.

SlappyMcTaint3726d ago

Sounds so to me since he has to stoop to bashing the competition. Resistance 2 > Queers of War

syanara3725d ago

yet again Denial like never before it doesn't even pay to talk to fanboys as bad as urself. in a nutshell u said that every ps3 game that hasnt come out yet sucks and every xbox 360 game is like the returning of christ. honestly dude I don't know what would happen if all of the sudden gears 2 flopped and the ps3 started kicking ass what would u do then if it was completly the other way around. either continue deniability or make a new account and start loving the ps3 which is probably what u should do right now just in case LOL