Fable 2 launches Oct 21 in US; Oct 24 in EU

Today, Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios announced that the highly anticipated action role-playing game "Fable II" will ship to U.S. retailers on Oct. 21, 2008 and European retailers on Oct. 24, with subsequent release dates throughout the rest of the world in the coming months. Combining thrilling action, heart-wrenching emotional experiences and a genre-bending Xbox LIVE multiplayer mode, "Fable II" is the must-have blockbuster for 2008.

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Bangadoshish5789d ago

For the PC version or the 360 version?

RawPowah5789d ago

Where the superior version of the game is at

GiantEnemyCrab5789d ago

There has been absolutely no mention of Fable 2 on the PC. Maybe you are thinking of Little Big Planet?

TheXgamerLive5789d ago

They run like a cat in heat to anything Xbox 360 so they must secretly love it.

Superfragilistic5789d ago (Edited 5789d ago )

Ha! Just put my preorder down today. Well done Molyneux! ;)

Looks like I'll be playing those Pub Games next week to rack up the gold pre release. :P

deeznuts5789d ago

Definitely going to play this. But damn, hyperbole much?

"Combining thrilling action, heart-wrenching emotional experiences and a genre-bending Xbox LIVE multiplayer mode, "Fable II" is the must-have blockbuster for 2008."

Was that an article or an ad?

Highwayman5789d ago

I'll be doing the same. Preordered mine today as a matter of fact.

Omega45789d ago

Great another confirmed release date, all whats left now is Banjo

Good thing about MS when they set a month for release they deliver 90% of the time, its a shame other companies cant follow suit

CrazzyMan5789d ago

yeah, i feel sorry for:
Remedy, with Alan Wake
or Ubisoft, with delayed new Splinter Cell
or Rockstar with delayed GTA4 DLC..
or Valve, with delayed L4D.
or Mistwalker, with delayed Lost Odyssey.

See, noone is perfect.)

StephanieBBB5789d ago

Well the game is already done so they could release it just NOW and it still would be the same as from 2 months from now...

thenickel5789d ago (Edited 5789d ago )

He didn't say they were perfect and is simply an excited 360 owner. My question is why are you here to begin with? GAmers get some good 360 news and you flock in here just to wait and see if someone says any thing negative towards Sony as usual. Quit playing mr defensive with your crap and let us enjoy the news. If this would of been a PS3 game instead of 360 and someone said that then I'm sure you wouldn't of said anything to begin with.

Anyways I will be going to reserve this today since I'm sure that I'm one of the biggest Fable fans alive lol.

GiantEnemyCrab5789d ago

Well said Nickel.

OnTopic: I am so looking forward to this game! Day one purchase!

CrazzyMan5789d ago (Edited 5789d ago )

thenickel, lol.
and i JUST said, that noone is perfect,
no offence here.
why you got so angered? =)) did that list hurt your feelings or what? relax man. =]

DJ5789d ago

Some people are just really protective.

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jcgamer5789d ago

Fable 2 looks awesome, a must have for 360 owners and new owners this holiday...

CR7JUVE18975789d ago

Another one on my list.

Damn, I'm going to be broke in October

Zipperdog5789d ago

looks like I'll be broke again just like last year.