Madden 09 Patch Details

Specifics on patches and downloadable content for Madden NFL 09. A first patch may be released next week with a second patch and free downloadable content to follow.

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ThichQuangDuck3728d ago

O Ea how I love you. Well it will fix things things they did they did last year downloadable jerseys.

gano3728d ago

They need a patch for a game that isn't even out yet. Splendid.

Rich16313728d ago

EA is getting better, but I am still hesitant about buying their titles. I got burned too many times in the past. At least it seems they will support 09' as opposed to what they did with 08' (PS3 version). I love footbal so I will likely get it, but I still wish 2K Games had the license instead of EA.

SmokeyMcBear3728d ago

3. Legacy Gen Controller Config

thats the one.. thats the one I want... stupid xbox controller changing up madden

Masko3728d ago

cool. a patch already. altho im no fan of this sport what so ever..but a patch so early means that they found some major issues already. it will suck (again). good luck buying "Patchen"

Bolts3728d ago

Its a football game, and its still preseason so of course there's a patch. In fact they should have a patch every two weeks considering the injuries and transactions that going to happen for the next two months.

okcomputer3728d ago

read the article fanboi, it has nothing to do with roster updates. Apparently people (beta testers?) are already finding ways to glitch, and they're trying to preemptively fix that before the game is released. Gotta love the madden online community, game isn't even out yet and they've already found ways to cheat.

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