Wii Gamer reviews: The Simpsons Game

At WiiGameReview we all love The Simpsons. Family Guy, South Park and Futurama are all great and we always make a point to watch them whenever they come on TV - but it's only The Simpsons which we buy on DVD. There have been many Simpson's games over the years, most of which weren't very good but this one is actually co-created by EA and the writers of the show. Now is the time for a closer look and review The Simpsons game for Wii.

TSG is a sprawling 3D adventure platformer featuring all your favourite Simpsons characters (unless one of your favourite is very obscure that is). The game starts off with you controlling Homer during his Land of Chocolate dream, however unlike the scene from the show, here you are following a white rabbit across the level (yes, a bit Alice in Wonderland) who is teaching you the basics to the game. After you've completed that you'll be whisked back to Springfield into the familiar surroundings of the Simpsons house, this acts as your hub between levels and also shows your current status levels and bonus item count etc. When you've finished exploring the house thoroughly it's time to head to the front door and walk into the golden orange force field and start your first proper mission, before it's started though you're treated to a really nice and authentic looking cut scene with all the voice acting performed by the original cast - no sound alikes or audio ripped from the show thank god. There are many more cut scenes throughout the game too.

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