Why Penis Why?: MK vs. DC's Kitana looks ... lumpy

Destructiod writes, "The latest render for upcoming license-'em-up Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe reveals Kitana ... and maybe reveals a little too much of Kitana, if women with huge bulbous protrusions from their crotch regions aren't your cup of tea. My love of women with ... shall we say ... "groinal gifts" is known to all and sundry, but even I'm a little intimidated by Kitana's considerable "bump mapping."

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Bombibomb3730d ago


Or maybe she's just hairy beyond belief down there?

Overr8ed3730d ago

eww. if thats true what you say then that thing needs a weedwacker

DaKid3730d ago

First day buy for sure!! This is some funny news.

f7897903730d ago

Just dont even give reasons for it.

jmalc3730d ago

Because Japanese guys have a thing for bush (and lots of it). Just like many Western guys prefer shaved.

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Kami3730d ago

Why do you think its called a snatch?? because it may grab you.
-George lopez

faisdotal3730d ago


Gabriel would murk that joke anyday though.

TrevorPhillips3730d ago

i think its just how the armor is dw guys is not what u think it is and Bombibomb what is your mind filled with lol

djroberts3730d ago

It's just a guard, aka female cup.

Overr8ed3730d ago

shut up and let your imagination run wild, plz dont ruin it for us.

TapiocaMilkTea3730d ago

female cup protecting................vita l organs?

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The story is too old to be commented.