Top Six Most Culturally Progressive Video Games

Progressive concepts in games can come from some truly unexpected places if you look a little deeper past what's directly on the surface. It's unlikely for instance that anyone would ever bestow the Grand Theft Auto series with the title “culturally progressive.” With over the top portrayals of drug-slinging, car-stealing, sex-crazed criminals who can beat up hookers for fun, GTA seems like the opposite of a diverse game with progressive ideals. If you take the time to scroll through the radio stations in the game's fourth major title however, you'll find satirical renditions of both ultra-conservative and public access radio stations, skewering the absurd things said on the extreme fringe of both the political right and left in a way that's funny but still clearly making actual social commentary. These six titles from throughout gaming history show a changing landscape where video games can be just as progressive as anything television has to offer.

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-Gespenst-2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

I haven't played Tomb Raider, and I probably never will because I have zero interest in it and games like it, but my impression of that game is that it was sort of vicious. Lara was the oppressed woman, and her foes were the lecherous, sexist, misogynistic crowd (symbolically, metaphorically speaking), and her solution is to brutally kill them (symbolic of oppression) which hardly makes her better than her oppressors. Makes her the same as them, and if it's okay for her to do it, so to speak, why isn't it okay for them to do it? Really, it's not okay for either side to do it. She seems like a poster-girl for vengeful, power-reversal feminism to me, which isn't progressive.

Again though, I haven't played the game, so I won't try to assert any of this as necessarily valid, but it's just my impression of the game. I'd imagine there are parts in the game that challenge my cursory interpretation.

DiaperFace2175d ago

The game was realistic. Get out of your damn bubble.

caseh2175d ago

"and her solution is to brutally kill them"

I think discussion over a nice cup of tea had gone out of the window by that point.

poppinslops2175d ago

I think Tomb Raider's inclusion has more to do with Lara's transformation from a walking boobjob into someone that's halfway believable... yeah, she kills a lot of brainwashed cultists, but she doesn't enjoy it like they do.

She blames herself for getting her friends and crewmates into trouble, so her fighting back is motivated by a desire to save her people and escape - not revenge or power... it's survival of the fittest - and she is the fittest.

-Gespenst-2175d ago

Okay fair enough, thanks for that. Like I said, I'm not in any real position to judge the game.

DiaperFace2175d ago

Screw "progressive" games, IDGAF about "progression", I care about a good game, and last time I checked, how "progressive" a game was didn't factor into quality at all. Chrono Trigger wasn't a masterpiece because Crono was a half black half indian transgendered lesbian midget who sexually identifies as an attack helicopter, you know.

gamejediben2175d ago

How can I give you more agrees?

Seriously, SJWs can go get bent. "Progressivism" is poison to everything it touches.

I don't care if "they're hearts were in the right place", I only care if the game is fun to play!

,,l,, SJWs ,,l,,

Yui_Suzumiya2175d ago

How is Fallout 2 progressive? I assumed this would be another article discussing Gone Home, lol

Allsystemgamer2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )


Women are already equal. Now they just want men to suffer for being men. We're not allowed to fantasize anymore.

Yet women are allowed to look at shirtless perfect male models and then complain when their SO isn't ripped like the dude whose JOB is to stay fit.

Hate to break it to you SJWs but people are attracted to attractive people.

As for the progressiveness in games. Grow up. They're catered to a demographic. That demographic usually being teenage boys. Guess why they like. Titties and violence.

DiaperFace2175d ago

For real. SJW needs to be defined as a mental illness.