Warhawk Update to Feature Offline Modes

UGO writes: "When I read this on Kotaku one bit jumped out at me that I think needs some exploration. You see, the piece gives some details about the 1.5 patch for Warhawk. They mention something's that are obvious, like trophies and custom soundtracks and some fun things like, new paint and insignia schemes. Here's what I like, the brief mention of offline tutorials. I want to know how robust this new offline mode is. Are talking a few quick challenges? How about the ability to play against bots? Remember Bots?

There was once a time when all multiplayer games let you play alone with bots. It was great for learning maps and how to use weapons. This way when you went online you didn't play like an idiot when you hit a new map for the first time. These days games are too cool, or developers are too lazy to add bots to their games, so they are a thing of the past."

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Silogon3726d ago

I believe, and this might just be me, but this is whaT I think is going to go down.

1 - Music will only be playable during the off line mode.

2 - The offline mode will only consist of set task. Fly Warhawk through "X" ammount of rings and capture "X" amount of flags type stuff. Tuturial type stuff. I don't believe you'll be engauged in massive offline battles. More like just a walk through to help the new comers.

We'll see, but I think people are getting their hopes up for failure, oncec again. Not unlike you all did with Square and the whole event on the 2nd and 3rd.

Gamekilla3726d ago

and with that, it would make you shoot at something...

still i doubt its something as comprehensive as bots as then they would need to build solid A.I.

sonarus3726d ago

Well i believe music will be playable during online mode

I don't know about the offline mode but i am excited for some custom sound tracks... go incognito :D

Winter47th3725d ago

Bots would be highly appreciated.

LevDog3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Warhawk is an awesome game.. I wish more of my friends would buy it.. I wish they would up the power of the guns and take off auto aim.. I played today and some douche was trying to team kill me.. So we got in a Socom style gun battle.. Man o Man it is alot funner when its like that.. Anyways I think its great how much they update this game.. keep it up

badz1493726d ago

this game is simply addictive! no matter how many other games I played, I found myself keep coming back to Warhawk! it's a shame that after 1.3 update I always got error in connection and sometimes got disconnected from the server! I'll wait for 1.5 to reinstall the game again and get myself the map packs! here's hoping for better warhawk experience! amen!

spandexxking3726d ago

does anyone know if warhawk trophies will be retroactive?

Ghost_Helmet3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

some are the trophies that you need a certain level to get

ZombieNinjaPanda3726d ago

He said devs are too lazy or too cool to add in bots?

Well if I recall, at the time, Dylan was telling everyone that warhawk's gameplay is just too fast for bots to react in time.

And From what i've experienced, that is correct, seeing as how, one second you could be flying alone in a hawk, the next you could be fighting 31 other players at one small spot in the map!

Personally, I think it would be hard to program a.i to react quickly and appropriately to that.

Rob0g0rilla3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Makes sense though. Still excited for this update. Thanks for clearing that up.

ZombieNinjaPanda3726d ago

Yep, But I can understand if they set up targets and stuff for like teaching people how to use t.o.w. missiles, cluster bombs, how some of the weapons work, basic flight commands, and game modes.

But when I first read the title, I expected to read like, you wouldn't have to be signed online to play with a few friends.

thehitman3726d ago

Ut3 has bots and its the most fast paced game made on a console. Warhawk gameplay speed is nothing compared to UT3.

ZombieNinjaPanda3726d ago

I've never played Ut3 before, and I know next to nothing about the game, but from what I've played in warhawk, if there were bots, it would be as simple as walking over them.

That is how good some people are in warhawks.

And my main belief is that a bot wouldn't be able to think as a human would in a game like warhawk. Because from my experience, you have about a second of time to think and react before being blown up in the sky.

And my second reason is that the gameflow can shift so drastically its not funny.

One second there are 8 troops battling it out, then a few tanks and jeeps roll in, then in come the the hawks, and it all just keeps carrying out from there. Plus factoring in how the a.i. would use the weaponry to not make it cheap like starwars battle front 2 where a sniper can take your head off just by looking at you.

thehitman3726d ago

Everything you mentioned in Warhawk just now the exact same things are in UT3 almost maybe there is less flying but there are shyt loads of vehicles 5x as much and bots use them good and the gameplays is 10x as fast as warhawk. So fast that if you shot at som1 with a sniper youd have to pre aim the spot like 10m in front of them to kill them. Also I like when bots look at you wish sniper and auto kill makes it more challenging how else will they get a kill? Id never let a bot out smart me in 1v1 :).

ZombieNinjaPanda3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I gotta check out Ut3 sometime. Does it lag any at all? And, is there a ranking up system? Just wondering ;)

But yeah, thats why I think they didn't add bots. Auto kills are just soo gay and lame sometimes.

And what you said about less flying, thats a big factor in adding bots. All those arial(sp?) moves and stuff.
Plus having unshakeable enemies is just not fun =/

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Rob0g0rilla3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Some people have a difficult time understanding this game and the experienced players on Warhwak usually scare them away from it. I didn't like this game at first until I got the hang of it. Bots are nice way to get to know how to use weapons and vehicles better.

I'm happy I brought this game. In-game music is a big plus.

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