CeX Review- Forza Motosport 6

Jason Redmond writes- One of the hardest parts of any racing game is making the 100th or 500th time turning the same corner fun. While Forza Motorsport 5 was an impressive first entry on Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 6 takes everything great about the previous game, brings new features and enhancements, and marries them to create one of the finest racing games ever created.

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Foehammer2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Wow, great score

"Most racing games that feature wet weather is there purely cosmetically or it just reduces the grip on the car's tyres, but it feels substantial in Forza Motorsport 6."

So true, this what makes the difference to the most important part of a racing game, how it feels to race and how the environment changes that feel.

So many features unseen before this generation, or greatly improved

-24 cars on track
-Smart and unpredictable AI courtesy of the Cloud
-1080p 60 fps
-3D puddles
-full performance customization

No wonder this the highest rated racing game this generation.

user99502792178d ago

greatest game of the last thousand years.

Played it with my TX1 for the first time yesterday.... so much nicer than FM5 as far as wheel use is concerned. You can really feel the improved handling. I normally just use my controller out of lazyness, but that wheel... wowzers.