Microsoft confirms there's no new Forza Motorsport this year

There will be no new Forza Motorsport game this year, it's been confirmed - marking the first time the franchise has taken a break on Xbox since 2010.

The confirmation came in an interview Turn 10 Studios' Dan Greenawalt gave IGN, and the news will come as no surprise to dedicated players of Forza Motorsport 7. Post-release support has been longer than that enjoyed by prior games in the series, and in its regular community streams and updates Turn 10 hasn't shied away from the fact it's doing things differently as it gears up for the next generation of hardware.

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Marcello1391d ago

Nope, prolly going to be an Xbox Two launch game next year

slate911391d ago

Thank goodness. Good decision

mcstorm1391d ago

I am glad in a way as still playing catchup on forza games but I am also hoping that turn10 and PG work together on the next forza MS game and give us track and off road racing.

EDKICK1391d ago

Love both Forza Motorsport and Horizon but honestly really glad to see it take a bit of a break. Curious if we'll see both next year, I wouldn't assume so.

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