Team Ico boss: My PS3 game hasn't hit critical development yet

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus team lead Fumito Ueda has confirmed that his upcoming PS3 title has not yet reached the "critical" stage of production.

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Jack T3779d ago

Probably still in pre-alpha!

Amanosenpai3779d ago

or maybe... it just suck...

Expectations are too high thanks to SotC and ICO... they just cant phail...

theKiller3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

they had and have the time and tools and help from sony to make their next game as big as SoTC did for ps2!! and this time sony investing a lot of money in their internal studios!!!
thank u sony for not killing the gaming industry and by giving time for a great games to come and not rushing games just to compete with ur rivals big releases!

gaffyh3779d ago

Yeah I'm guessing Sony letting him free at the moment to do what he wants, but probably mid-2009 they will start pressuring him to get a firm release date. I think that's what he means by pressure, that Sony doesn't want him to rush and finish the game ASAP.

Either way it will be a great game.

Panipal20053779d ago

Ha ha @ Amanosenpal, everyone's disagreeing with him because he made the mistake of putting 'ICO' and 'fail' in the same sentence

thenickel3779d ago

What makes you think there taking there time on PS3 games? Did it ever hit you that maybe it's taking awhile because the system is diffucult to develop on like everyones been saying? Maybe you should thank Sony for making it tough on developers. I want games now and not freaking 5 years down the road just to end up with a game that doesn't even look better then anything on 360. It would honestly make more since for developers and even gamers to be thanking MS for there design choices rather than Sony's.

Kratos Spartan3779d ago

I'm not defending, but Sony has created new technology in the PS3, so of course it would be hard to program for for developers. Someone had to be the innovator, and this time it was Sony. If you don't want to wait "5 years for games", then enjoy a PS2 or 360. We all have nothing but time on this earth anyway. If you don't have a PS3, or are not ever planning to purchase one, then I can't understand your complaining about it.

Enigma_20993779d ago

You do of course know that more and more developers are figuring the Cell out, right? Hell, Ubisoft called them on this claim, stating that they were having a blast designing for it.

And the only reason a game would look like a 360 port is if they just ported over the 360 version of it, instead of trying to use the extra horses under the hood.

Technology evolves, and that goes for game consoles too. Embrace change...

5 yea... DUKE NUKEM FOREVER IS NOT A PSE GAME!!! Don't blame Sony for that one...

B-Rein3779d ago

i dont care if its how long this game takes to make, so take your time team ico, ICO was freakin amazing so was shadow of collosus, both of those games are really really good i loved ICO so much when it first came out I CANT WAIT for their next game!!! :D

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Le-mo3779d ago

It truly takes time to create a masterpiece. Whatever they make it'll be day one for me.

Montrealien3779d ago

Ico took what? 2 years to develop? Wish it would be the same for this one, can`t wait, first day purchase for me also.

Clap Your Hands3779d ago

Actualy Ico took around 4 years (it started on the ps1) and so did Shadow of the big dudes.

It will be great, but it will take time.

callahan093779d ago

There was an interview last week where they said it took about 4 years to do Ico (started production for the PSone before moving to PS2), and 4 years to do Shadow of the Colossus, and that this game will take at least that long to finish as well.

Montrealien3779d ago

ok fair enough, I would still be happier if it was rdy next week though. this is crazy!

*Runs in room*

*slams door*

SolidSnake933779d ago

It's going to be great, plus it will probably come out in 2009 because if it takes 4 years to develop, then since Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005 that probably means that this one will come out in 2009.

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josh143993779d ago

i own both consoles and i think ps3 is better YANKEESPAWN. just because your poor and cant afford a ps3

DaKid3779d ago

I agree that he is childish, but don't make fun of people for being poor. I am sure there are plenty of people the would like to own a PS3 or a 360 right now, but just can't afford them. Does that mean we should make fun of them? are they not also gamers, that enjoy a hobby that you yourself also enjoy? So what if Yankee can't afford a PS3, just ignore him and his comments, and keep gameing.

jkhan3779d ago

:| how long does he expect us to wait. MGS4 has simply spoiled everything for me, i want a game of that quality:P

kewlkat0073779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

but I gladly take less cut-scenes thank you.

Team Ico had sleepers last gen and when you've got a hit, now there is more pressure to perform and all the sudden every one wants an AAA game and it will be reviewed with more criticism.

I'm waiting for the next Sleeper this won't hear much about it until you play it.

u got owned3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

@ 5.1 - "MGS4 was a great game
but I gladly take less cut-scenes thank you."

Yeah i just finished the game yesterday without watching the cut-scenes in less than seven hours. Too short, give me more gameplay and less cut-scenes.

On topic, Team Ico have a great track record, i have no doubt in my mind they're gonna produce a great game.

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