New TRICO project details

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

"Last week, PlayStation LifeStyle shocked the world by leaking an early trailer of the third game to take place in the ICO universe, codenamed TRICO. The video shot up the ranks, it was the most viewed video on YouTube the day it launched, and has placed in the top 5 for the most viewed this week. We've done some digging about the game and come up with some new intel."

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gauntletpython3436d ago

I wonder what scenes were featured in the full video. Also, wonder if Sev edited the video, or if he got it like that?

SevWolf3436d ago

I hope sev replies to your comment some time soon, cause I wanna know if he edited, cause then we might actually get to see the full thing, didnt Ueda confirm he was showing his game in E3???
Well anyway I know that whenI saw the vid, Im not gonna lie it wasnt the best graphics Ive seen, but it was much much higher than decent/mediocre graphics, and I really liked the scenery, I love the fact that this was ONLY a tech demo, and the vid being released near E3 was JUST coincidental, wow I got pretty hyped, come on 7 MORE DAAAYS!!!!!!!

shadowfox3436d ago

can't freakin wait for this game. i seriously hope it comes out soon, and we see more @ e3

SolidAhmed3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

however, i am not sure weather their information correct due to the fact that there are a lot of things missing in the video such as why the beast wounded? why he is unleashed? why he came to the boy? and much more ....

so still there are mysteries behind the story and i do not think it is a part of a technical trial!

but what the hell E3 is on the way anyways :)

Kain813436d ago

Hope i wrote that word right^^

Gue13436d ago

You're kinda exaggerating a bit... I know the game's from team ICO but they didn't present anything that Disney haven't done yet. A boy showing love to his new pet that then is it attacked because it is different/dangerous? That's cliched.

We have seen this story thousands of time already.

bunbun7773436d ago

oh sorry if you two are bros or something-- but this "we" stuff and Disney stuff-- gtfo

All I can say is my eyes watered up first time i saw the trailer-- whether its the symbols, the memory of the last games, the scene itself or some sort of enchantment, to disagree with someones comment and to try to get everyone else to accept your cliched trite explanation for this video....

well that is sad, you are teh lame-

WE have seen just a taste~

CSM-101e3436d ago

you're an idiot. Van Gogh painted flowers. lots of flowers. to the point of cliche. but he did it with passion, and it was absolutely exquisite. millions of people have played guitar; making it common. unless you happened to be a lanky black dude from Seattle named Jimi.

And, last but not least, i've had my fair share of ass, but my old lady's is the best

danthegardner3436d ago

Yes CSM-101e that was well put. Bravo!!

ssipmraw3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

as a film it may have been done by disney (and also be quite cliched), but even disney have yet to pull the same idea into a game. i dont think any game has attempted something like this the previous generation probably couldnt handle the ai.

if anything this game is going to definately be something special.

Honky Kong3435d ago

i will plunk down and buy a ps3 when this is released. been waiting for a while now...

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batman2million3436d ago

two years ago?!?! and it looked THAT good?! I can't even imagine how awesome the full game is gonna look!!

pippoppow3436d ago

Honestly if the game ships the way it looks in the trailers then great. The art style and atmosphere it generates is amazing. Not all games have to be technically a 10 in graphics to be considered a great looking game. Playing Demon's Souls right now which looks great, not technically but artistically and fits the mood of the game amazingly well. "TRICO" will be another great game from a Dev synonymous with quality.

swiftshot933436d ago

This article actually sounds very accurate.

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