The Allure of Trophies, or Why I'm Playing Uncharted Again

Former PS3 Fanboy / Joystiq writer Colin Torretta talks about the new Trophy system in relation with Uncharted, and how it manages to make it a better game worth truly playing again.

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SonySoldierEternaL4314d ago


trophy whores UNITE!


it is hard to find a better game than UNCHARTED,and now with the trophys its a 10/10 for picking it up after work and play the hell out of it.PLAY B3YOND!!!!

jams_shop4314d ago

why only a bubble? here have one
*bubble +*

Will_Smith4314d ago

yeah it is on crushing... its like 2 bullets and you're dead. The cover system and patience are your best friends during this mode.

also +bubbles

Bolts4314d ago

Uncharted is still one the PS3's best games. I enjoyed it more than MGS4. The game just look great and the action just rocks.

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morganfell4314d ago

Anyone else here see the irony? Joystiq/PS3 fanboy writer playing Uncharted? For the uninitiated, Joystiq, or Joysliq as I prefer to call them is second only to Kotaku in their hate of all things Sony. This includes PS3 Fanboy. I have never seen a site claim to be pro Sony yet ridicule and poke fun at Sony announcements the way that trash site does.

Aclay4314d ago

With Uncharted recieving trophies, I hope that it causes more people that haven't bought Uncharted to finally pick it up, because ANYONE with a PS3 needs to own Uncharted just like anyone with a PS3 needs to own Metal Gear Solid 4 because both games offer a very nice experience.

Plus, Uncharted is the closest thing to Gears of War on the PS3 in terms of gameplay and cover system, and the only difference between the 2 games is that Uncharted is Single Player only and it's less gritty and less bloody than Gears of War.

BLuKhaos4314d ago

Yeah I was waiting for this to happen so I would have a better reason to pick the game up.Does any one know how much this game cost in GameStop?The game is not listed on they're website,and its 2:35 am here so it's way too late for me to call they're stores to find out.

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The story is too old to be commented.