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SOMA is an ambitious work of science fiction which grapples with fundamental questions of consciousness, identity, and the relationship between the mind and the body. It feels weighty but never dry or ponderous thanks to an engaging and surprising story. But SOMA is also a work of survival horror, and in this regard slightly less successful. While the scares are unquestionably intense and terrifying – I’d expect nothing less from the developer behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent – the puzzle-solving and exploration elements are much less memorable and produce some unfortunate pacing problems.

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Mr Lahey1213d ago

Whiny review, great score though! Can't wait to play this!

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davemyrose921213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

This game looks amazing,, don't know how much $ it is but im getting it regardless of price, also ppl are saying this game is like 12 hours long sooo its basically as long as most $60 fp games, this is basically like a must buy for anyone who loves horror and exploration , can't wait and also basically every other site is giving this a 9.0 or higher, idk lately ign have been sooo weird with there ps4 reviews like honestlyyyyy until dawn and teraway were def a 9.0 game

Eonjay1213d ago

Completely forgot about this.

davemyrose921213d ago

Lol this site,, I get a disagree before I even finished typing, I've been pumped for soma for months now and I'm glad its getting good reviews

KyRo1213d ago

Lol at getting worked up over a disagree. They mean absolutely nothing other than someone else has a different opinion or sense of humour as you. The site would benefit so much by getting rid of it tbh.

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