The Best Horror Games the Xbox One Has to Offer

The Xbox One is full of SPOOKS, and that's all you should know about. Here is a list of the best horror games on the system.

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monkey602146d ago

A lot of my favourites are on this list so I whole heartedly approve.
Everything except The Observer. It started out really interesting but quickly unraveled into a train wreck. Including frustratingly dull dives into mind sequences, They neutered the monster with boring on rail stealth sequences and a laughably obvious and cringeworthy ending. Mix in bugs and some wonky controls to boot.
I had really strong impressions with it to start but ended up absolutely hating it.

isarai146d ago

I got 2-3hrs in and couldn't take it anymore, the constant need to switch between the 3 visions just became so annoying and honestly just unnecessary.

monkey602146d ago

I actually agree. At first I thought it was a great idea because the game wasn't holding your hand with the Detective work but it was so unintuitive too. It became a sequence of staring at everything for long enough in 3 different vision modes just to see what stuck.

Yui_Suzumiya145d ago

Soma would be more existential horror than anything but I'll be damned if it didn't have one of the best stories in game that I've experienced. Blew my mind.