PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush Remastered's Sweet Gameplay Shows Improved Graphics and New Gallery Mode

Want to see more of the newly announced Gravity Rush Remastered? Nothing easier. Today Sony Computer Entertainment hosted a stage event at Tokyo Game Show, livestreamed on Nico Nico, and showcased a nice chunk of gameplay.

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TomatoDragon1175d ago

gonna be platinuming again.

GryestOfBluSkies1175d ago

same here. this was my favorite vita game

alex1015941175d ago

I'm going to play for the first time, so excited!

freshslicepizza1175d ago

smart move on sony's part, start porting everything good from the vita.

g-nome1175d ago

Game was ok , but not worth playing twice i.m.o.

Eonjay1175d ago

I'm think at 25 million + units, the majority of PS4 owners have not played it once yet.

MrSec841175d ago

So true and even though I have it on the Vita I found the gyro mechanic off putting on the Vita, so I'll be getting it again for the PS4 when it releases.

The fact the screen moves around and you have to focus a lot on a specific point on the Vita I didn't find the Vita game as enjoyable as I think the PS4 version will be.

The remaster looks a lot better IMO.

Spotie1175d ago

I disagree immensely.

Aloy-Boyfriend1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Game was great. It just needed more challenges and content(side missions) to have more stuff to do in that big city. I could go back to play it for the gravity mechanic alone.

Revengeance1175d ago

Game was amazing. Worth playing twice or more IMO.

DialgaMarine1175d ago

I'm willing to bet you didn't even play it once. Excellent game, and the best title title on Vita. I'm stoked to play it again.

MasterCornholio1175d ago

I disagree.

The game is fantastic.

Oh and I love Raven.


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Chaos_Raiden1175d ago

Excited to get this game again. Love playing it on PS Vita.

DigitalRaptor1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

It's gonna feel so bizarre playing this on PS4, but I can't wait.

It's a great game for Vita, but the series always deserved better. The Gravity Rush 2 trailer proved that.

slappy5081175d ago

Never played this can't wait. Is the December release date worldwide?

KingofGambling1175d ago

Gravity Rush in Japan is this year. As for U.S. is February 2016.

davemyrose921175d ago

Omg this looks great I don't have a vita but what is this game like, it looks awsome and fun

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