Sony Selling An Old Remaster At A Higher Price Than Its Sequel Is A Stupid Mistake

Gravity Rush Remastered was released almost 2 years ago in 2016.

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FallenAngel1984782d ago

This reminds me of how Sony is still selling LittleBigPlanet for $20 on while LittleBigPlanet 2 & 3 are both selling for $10 on PS3.

Kingthrash360782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

Also reminds me how 360 games go for as high as 39.99 as an emulation on xbox one. Games that should be in the under $10 bargain bin are now priced super high like they are new

Team_Litt782d ago

They are the same price for Xbox One as they are for 360 because they are basically 360 games.
Wanna get mad? Take it up with the publishers.

WhiteyFox782d ago

Xbox 360 re-releases here cost like 15 euros... What are you talking about?

starsi360782d ago

You can still buy those games cheap/used on disc from a retailer and play on xbox one. Most if not all of the BC games have been on sale down to £6-12. If a game is at £39.99 it’s just because it’s reverted to its original price and is not on sale currently. With digital games they have to agree the offers with the publisher.

782d ago
Gunstar75781d ago

How did this become an Xbox thread?

SarkyPlays781d ago

@gunstar75 because if something bad is said about a fanboys company of preference they feel obligated to do their best to drag the other through the mud. FYI this applies to all fanboys

fewDankMemes781d ago

What Xbox 360 game on planet earth is still 39.99 on the Xbox store? Name me 5.. Go on I'll wait

TheRealTedCruz781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Funny how Microsoft offers a free emulator that runs a bunch of old titles at much better quality, right off the disc you can still get for fractions of the cost mentioned. You know, the price the people WHO MADE IT choose to have it at, and you have nothing but negativity. But then Sony removes backwards compatibility entirely, sells the games at a premium you can't help but pay to play, and then sells, normally, bar standard remasters of all their titles at a premium, and you want to call it the same thing out of bias.

Christ, you are disingenuous.

uRaDecepticon781d ago

I dont have a problem with this, really. If a game has better features or its an all around better game than what its being compared to, then so be it if the price tag is higher.

TheSplooge781d ago

$20 or less on digital for me. Dont know what you're smokin', but you might wanna look into things before you start spewin bs.

dantesparda781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

@Solesquared & Gunstar

"360 games can be played free if you owned them or you can buy from anywhere for a little of nothing. Please stop spreading lies"

He's not "spreading lies", he's telling the truth, you're the one that is trying to deceive here not him. Cuz you know damn well what he means and if you honestly dont then thats even worst, cuz it says something about your comprehension skills

"How did this become an Xbox thread?"

And you're another one, how can you not get why we brought it up? Its so obviously, he is simply pointing out that if you;'re gonna b'tch about the games being to expensive on the PSN store then it should be pointed out thats the same is also true for the Xbox store. Otherwise, its just biased fant'rd bs.

Wow, just look at how defensive (and how many) MS "fans" are getting just cuz he's pointing out the truth and hypocrisy. "Fans" are a joke.

SwampthingsSon781d ago

Just couldn’t go one comment without bringing Xbox up. 🙄

pinkcrocodile75781d ago

@thrash so what you are saying is both Microsoft AND Sony are acting like greedy [email protected]

gangsta_red781d ago


"Cuz you know damn well what he means..."

What does he man? And which games is he talking about since you know so damn well what he means?

You know what else hilarious....

"...he is simply pointing out that if you;'re gonna b'tch about the games being to expensive on the PSN store then it should be pointed out thats the same is also true for the Xbox store."

Followed by....

"...just look at how defensive (and how many) MS "fans" are getting"


So basically, Sony "fans" are getting defensive in an article specifically about Sony and then the "fans" have to run in and point the finger at Xbox..."bbubbbubu Xbox Too!"

But then you only point out how defensive Xbox fans are? You can't write better comedy acts than this...Absolutely hilarious.

chefricco781d ago

Holly $hit balls of misinformation, I love how you can just make crap up and get +60 sony likes on this site. You all are a bunch of fools sucking on the tite of russian bots. I really feel sorry for you idiots eating up this garbage like it's a full course meal.

AgeInTheCage781d ago

Thats almost as bad as forcing you to buy live gold to play fortnite.

Kingthrash360781d ago

It's hard to make a true comment on n4g. All I was pointing out is there are 360 games up to 39.99 in the xbox store for xbox one...these games used to cost way less until ms started to emulate them and charge a ton if you didnt already own the game. Not everyone keeps their games...hell most of you traded in games to upgrade to the xbox one....relax.
Xbox, Sony and Nintendo are greedy...yes. i'm just pointing out how much this isnt new and how MS is doing similar things on a wider scale. That comment was aimed at the journalist, he/she's the one who needs more information. Stop being all in your feelings about it.....if you need proof it's as simple as booting up your xbox and price checking.

Kingthrash360781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Here is a link of a 360 game costing 49.99 in the backward compatibility section of the xbox store.
Dont PM me over this...go holla at ms

fewDankMemes781d ago

Jesus Christ thrash you're so biased. Looky looky here, the exact same game on the Ps3 marketplace for 49.99!

Its on sale right now because of the cod sale, but normal price is $49.99



I’ve never seen these prices u speak of in the Xbox market place. Which game?

Kingthrash360781d ago

How am i bias??? Bro, I never said Sony didnt do my comment I said ALL of them do it.
Stop being so sensitive bro. If you gunna bash one then bash all...clearly it's the journalist who's bias......but because you have an agenda you gunna ignore that and call me a bias fanboy because I showed that it's not only Sony.
No where in my comment did I say Sony didnt do was yall gettin all mad because I made a severely valid point that stopped a flame bait article from starting a flame war for clicks.

fewDankMemes780d ago

You're biased because you're trying to say that Microsoft is putting a premium on games just because they're backwards compatible, when in reality prices haven't ever changed and publishers keep their prices the same across all platforms. It's not Sony OR Microsoft and you went out of your way to single out Microsoft in your original comment.

With a game like Gravity Rush it's different because it's a first party game, so Sony IS the one to blame, but in your specific example, Sony and Microsoft aren't the ones to blame

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Muzikguy782d ago

Is it a stupid mistake? In the days before the internet, material things went up in price as they aged. Other factors would play into that too like popularity of said item. People want prices to go down but if they don’t it’s not like it’s a new practice. Although being digital it sure seems shady

Imalwaysright781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Prices would go up because as time goes by physical goods become more scarce and that increases their demand. Digital goods are there forever and it's easy to make a copy of them so this doesn't apply to them.

agent4532781d ago

Considering that old games and remastered games are cheaper on PC 😎

Heavenly King781d ago

the first one sold more and got better rated, that translates into being "better quality"; so if you want to play the "best" game pay more. It is very simple actually.

Teflon02781d ago

Gravity rush 2 is a way better game and I loved 1. 2 was one of my favourite games last year

MasterChief3624781d ago

You would think LittleBigPlanet 2 would be the most expensive, since it's the best game of the series.

AgeInTheCage781d ago

I got LBP 1 free from the security breach .

Seraphim781d ago

Oddly enough I bought it for $10-20 just 2-3 months ago. I constantly see both Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2 on sale via PSN.

If we want to get technical, then yes, there's a TON of games who's price isn't right via PSN/XBL. Sony and Publishers who's games are on these platforms really need to pay more attention to retail and price their games accordingly. But they don't. Let's leave it at $X so when it';s on sale it looks like a deal. Just like retailers who run advertisements do. It's actually only $5 off because the regular price isn't $200, it's $130 and on sale for $125. .......

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P_Bomb782d ago

I see that sometimes with digital. The COD4 remastered map pack costs more today than it did 10yrs ago.

shuvam09781d ago

Really surprised at how Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong and Mario Tennis Aces are retailing for $60...

Sgt_Slaughter781d ago

Why did you include Aces? It's an entirely new game.

Bahamut781d ago

Nintendo, and Nintendo, and Nintendo. That's why.

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shinoff2183782d ago

You think that's bad try getting a gravity rush 1 physical copy

FallenAngel1984782d ago

It’s mentioned in the article

“Remastered had a rather limited physical run which means it is almost hard to find a copy for it if you live in North America. The limited stock and high price make sense for a physical game but why carry it over to the digital space, where the concept of stock issues is non-existent.”

rainslacker781d ago

Demand is probably higher for the first game, since the retail version is harder to find, and even used it can be upwards of $100.

FallenAngel1984781d ago

Physical demand of games never impact how much it digitally sells for on PSN

Toiletsteak782d ago

Just checked Amazon and they have it.

plmkoh782d ago

No, those are the European versions. Everyone is out to get the American version because of the game cover. Go look at the American version, you will not find brand new, and if you do the prices are crazy.

Toiletsteak782d ago


It's the exact same cover though, I just checked Amazon US and they are the same.

plmkoh781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

No it's not the same cover

Only the Japanese and US versions have the white minimalist cover. The European ones have the green ugly ones.

The US version is a collectors item because they were not supposed to get physical edition, but caved in to fan demand at the last second with a limited release. It was also limited to Amazon as well or something, which again made it exceedingly rare.

Toiletsteak781d ago (Edited 781d ago )


I just checked and they are the same.

Teflon02781d ago

I'm in Canada and I had to order on American amazon because they didn't even sell it in Canada physical. They did sometime last year for a bit. But I'm not sure if they still do. But yes I have the NA version.

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JBryant0619781d ago

Exactly why Im preordering the Shenmue 1/2 Collection. I feel like thats gonna be a limited print run.

WeAreLegion781d ago

Seriously? I didn't know it was that rare. Awesome. I have one.

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PapaBop782d ago

This Sony bashing is getting hilarious, those straws look like they've been clutched enough. There are probably loads of examples on all platforms just like this one where the sequel is cheaper and besides, any smart consumer would hold out for sales, I picked up both Gravity Rush games for under a tenner each.

ChrisW781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Sony bashing? This Sony bashing?

Wow... That's like saying, "Christmas is under attack because 0.01% of atheists don't like being greeted with 'Merry Christmas.'"

Sony bashing... Bah, get real! Sony is doing well enough that it doesn't matter.

TheRealTedCruz781d ago

It's probably getting bashed because their direct competitor offers a free alternative that actually improves the overall quality of the titles, while the other puts everything behind a paywall, or par for the course remasters at a premium.

Gameseeker_Frampt781d ago

"It's probably getting bashed because their direct competitor offers a free alternative"

You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Do you even know what console the original Gravity Rush was on?

TheRealTedCruz781d ago (Edited 781d ago )


And nothing I stated is wrong. Just depends on the bias those reading hold,, and what they're willing to accept and not accept.
You're just spewing words.

Fact, I can throw in original Xbox titles, and 360 that I own, and many will run in 4k/60fps.

I can go buy a ps1 title for ten bucks on the PlayStation store though. Only difference is Microsoft works on these titles and gives you options; Sony just throws it on the store and waits to profit. Guess my facts are too factual for you though.

Gameseeker_Frampt781d ago

You haven't explained yet how you plan on playing Gravity Rush on your PS4. Where exactly do you plan to stick the game cartridge?

Silly gameAr781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

"It's probably getting bashed because their direct competitor offers a free alternative that actually improves the overall quality of the titles, while the other puts everything behind a paywall, or par for the course remasters at a premium."

And, there it is. That's the comment I was looking for. I thought that this article was kind of pointless, but then I thought, if I were trying to make something that the competition has more appealing, what angle would I use. Oh, I know. Time to write a dramatic headline making a mountain out of a mole hill and see how many people bite.

rainslacker781d ago

Ms has an alternative to play vita game remasters? As far as I know, in this situation, ms has no solution, because if they had something similar, where the physical copy of the game was rare and expensive, then they'd probably price it based on demand as well. You can get the 2nd game for around 20 bucks new, but to my knowledge it was never releases on ps3 for it to even be part of bc.

neutralgamer1992781d ago (Edited 781d ago )


Yes and they offer much much much much much much much better exclusives, ps4 also has a lot of exclusives in general from publishers who don't see the benefit of releasing their games on another platform

So bravo ms for offering a way to play old games but hate on Sony for offering new experiences

Gamer logic 2018

Game pass
Ea access

Haven't helped at all selling the Xbox one compared to ps4 so that proves the fact those aren't important to most

In late 2012 can't wait for next Gen and in 2018 can't wait to play old games on my next Gen console

Sony might have faulted in few of these smaller feature areas but ms failed in making quality exclusives

Ms can't give you new titles so to make up for it they let you play their Last Gen games. Why did the fire Don matrick again? Wasn't he right when he saud if you don't like the direction buy an Xbox 360 oh that's right they fired him because they wanted people to buy a Xbox one to play older games not buy a Xbox 360


You shouldn't be charging that much for digital that's wrong. Physical was limited release but digital shouldn't be that high

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OffRoadKing781d ago

And according to the ones doing the bashing this is a "pro Sony site". But you'll have to forgive them their hypocrisy.

sizeofyou781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Many...but nowhere near all. And only if you owned them in the first place. Some people transitioning to PS4 won't have an original anyway so they get to buy a proper reworking utilising new hardware.
As someone pointed out - it s not a unique case and it happens on both platforms. I looked at getting COD4 for my XBX and it was cheaper to buy the remaster than it was to buy the 'enhanced' B/C 360 game on MS store in sale. Prices vary and all depends on what you want and when you want it. Shop around and decide if you want digital or physical. If you don't care, it's normally much cheaper to go 2nd hand physical anyway. Don't get what all the fuss is about for one game on one platform...

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