Yet Another Sign the Wii U Is Doomed

Pushing back Star Fox Zero is going to kill the Wii U.

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yewles11178d ago

Boo hoo, stop crying. If it helps the game, then let them work on it. You'll live.

superchiller1178d ago

"There is a positive side to the inevitable death of Nintendo’s latest flop, and that is the fact that the company won’t have a choice but to go in a different direction for the next console system. Nintendo has run out “get-out-of-jail-free cards.” They’re at a crossroads. On one side, the company can continue to remain a self-contained infrastructure and suffer the consequences of not adapting to today’s technology and the ever-changing platform of video games. On the other, Nintendo can finally wake up and stop trying to be the smartest person in the room and grab hold of it’s destiny."

Ouch. Pretty harsh, but also very true. Nintendo really can't afford to continue down the path they have been pursuing; they need to stop with the gimmicks, and just focus on solid hardware that can handle games for years to come. The Wii U wasn't able to compete, hopefully the NX will be a much more feature-rich, solid console.

marloc_x1178d ago

Err..the author missed quite a few Wii U titles coming out through the end of this year.

Story quality? WTF? 
Like this website? No


Whirlwind_Fanfare_081178d ago

No it isn't! then it'll be a buggy mess, then the complaining starts rolling in how buggy the game is and need to be fixed. So it's a good thing to delay it to work on it more to make sure there is no issues with it.
Jesus some ppl are really impatient these days!

higgins781177d ago

Agreed. Also, I guarantee 99.9% of the moaners have a backlog of games as long as their arm. Yes, everybody want the newest toy asap, but if anything a delay should give us a breather and allow us to take stock of the many, many games we've accumulated. Gutted about the delay, but, be it Steam, WiiU or PS4 games in which I've barely scratched the surface, I'll get along fine.

Clown_Syndr0me1177d ago

Best bit about the Wii U fail is it will hopefully go same route as the wii.
In a few years you will be able to get the console plus a stack of games for a tenner on Gumtree!

Dario_DC1177d ago

Yeah, I already can get Wii-u games used really cheap. Still not buying a Wii-u yet, in a few months will cost me next to nothing to own one with a ton of games.

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