Hey PlatinumGames, Think We Can Get Remasters of These 3 Games Too?

PlatinumGames has opened up a Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101 which led to us thinking about some other Platinum titles that should be ported.

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Nodoze299d ago

Would much rather have a Star Fox remaster with PROPER controls.

iplay1up2298d ago

The Wii U Starfox looked terrible and performed even worse! The Wii U despite not selling well had some really fantastic great looking games. Xenoblade X, was huge and beautiful. How Starfox released with the gameplay and graphics it did is disappointing! They should have scraped Starfox and restarted like they did Metroid.

greysun123298d ago

I don't think it looked bad but the controls were terrible

298d ago
NiteX298d ago

I actually really liked the graphics. The level design was awful though.

greysun123298d ago

a remaster of the SNES game?

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Shiken297d ago

Would rather have a Star Fox 2 remaster or a Star Fox 3.

Like seriously, the story of Star fox 1 has been done 3 times now.

AnotherGamer297d ago

Just don't let Miyamoto be involved with it.

AK91297d ago

Why would you ask for a Star Fox Zero remaster? Are you out of your mind?