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It’s necessary to admit that my experiences with Mario are scattered throughout various points in the franchise’s history. It is undeniable, however, that the character and the video games are likely the most prominent properties in the entire video game industry. We’ve witnessed the italian plumber evolve dramatically from an 8-bit platformer, to a classic RPG figure, and finally to its three-dimensional realization. Super Mario Maker proves to be a culmination of the Mario experience that fans have grown to love. Though the idea is not entirely unique (it draws heavy comparison to Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet), the title makes excellent use of its own creation tools. It may, perhaps, do it even better.

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user99502791543d ago

I started playing last night and I actually couldn't stop. Typically I find game-builders monotonous, but Mario Maker is different. I've been playing 2d Mario platformers my whole life. I would call SMB3 my favorite game now and forever. I think that's the reason why I dont think I'll ever get enough of this game.

There is something incredibly gratifying about building your own Mario levels. It's unlike anything I've ever experience in a game. Drawing from your past experiences with all the mario games, thinking of those little things that Nintendo does, and then building out your own awesome levels that you yourself can just barely beat... its amazing.

Anybody who has played Mario platformers for a lifetime needs this game. I havent even unlocked everything yet, but the flexibility of the game is bonkers. I started building a classic SMB level last night at around 11, and by 1oclock I had to force myself to put down the gamepad. That has NEVER happened with my WiiU.

eyoung251543d ago

I cannot wait to pick this one up! Loved Little Big Planet and this captures a lot of the charm that that series had.