The 10 Best Comic Books Games

Gamepedia states, "Comic book movies have become the new pop culture fad since the end of the last decade. There were comic book movies before the like of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, but none were particularly stellar until Spider-Man 2, and even then they weren't very consistent."

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5 of the Best Underappreciated Licensed Video Games

BY MOSHE SWEET: These are the best licensed video games that are not Spider-Man or from the Batman: Arkham series.

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offtherecord403d ago

I had a blast with a Bugs Bunny game on PS1 as a kid. It is probably trash now but at the time, it was awesome.

purple101402d ago

"50 Cent: Blood in the sand"

Ps3 scored 6/10 all round loads of review sites but was so much fun while not a technical masterpiece in any way has a worthwhile engaging story and script and of course an unbeatable soundtrack.


Cues That Marvel's Wolverine Should Take From The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game

As Insomniac looks to bring Marvel's Wolverine to the gaming world, developers can take inspiration from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game.

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With Jackman's Wolverine coming back to movies, it's the ideal time to play the best Wolverine game

Everyone's favorite spandex-wearing, cigar-chomping Canadian furry hasn’t been in many games – so it’s time for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine redemption arc.

darkrider630d ago

Both teasers are very cool. Yes, sony will hit the jackpot with another billion dollar franchise in the works, but 2024 is still far...