Holy sh*t, Team Ninja has basically made a Dark Souls game

Ni-Oh looks set to take Team Ninja back to its unforgiving, hardcore action roots – by way of From Software’s RPG stylings.

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DEEBO1549d ago

Might have to keep an eye out for this one.

Yi-Long1549d ago

I doubt it. Team Ninja has been poor ever since Itagaki had to go.

Even if they do manage to release a great game, they will then DLC-milk it to death.

Thatguy-3101549d ago

The developers are great. They've just been unlucky by releasing games that make controversies. That beign said the games are good and like they said before they're lucky that they haven't closed down yet. The talent is there and there's no doubt about it.

blackblades1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Guess you haven't played there games then.
@dboyx310 It was because they tried to capture the casual gamers which fail on other games as well. They learned there lesson and fixed NG3 with NG3RE.

jon_snow1549d ago

You mean Itagaki who made Devil 3rd. No offence but Itagaki ego always gets in the way.
On the Dlc milking stuff well TN dlc are always about character costume; People don't need to buy their Dlc to fully enjoy their game story and content which is far better than company removing story element only to be added as dlc later.

bouzebbal1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

it's true that Devil's Third is amazing!
Ok they screwed up a little on Ninja Gaiden 3, but their games are always top quality and very appealing.

OT: nothing to do with Demon's Souls, Ni-Oh is much faster paced. More like Onimusha and Ninja Gaiden had a child they called Ni-Oh.

Yi-Long1549d ago

Ninja Gaiden Black and NG2 were the last Ninja Gaiden games that were any good. 3 was a complete travesty, and the Sigma Ports were inferior to the original games. Sadly.

I DO like Dead or Alive 5, but for me it's been ruined by the continued DLC-milking, over and over and over again. Even today, there's still no 'complete' edition, so I stick with my free PS+ DOA5 on PS3, and an occasional fight in the F2P DOA5 on PS4, which is still a good game, gameplay-wise, but also a bit lazy as a HD-Remaster.

Do I think the studio still has lots of talented people working for them? Absolutely. But their are people making big decisions about these games, both about the actual gameplay (dumb it down, censor it, limit content, etc etc) as well as about the business-side of it (MILKMILKMILKMILKMILK), that keeps these games from being as GREAT as they could (and should) be.

Even when this game turns out to be great, I'd be very hesitant to pick it up at launch, cause no doubt they would release lots of DLC-milking and/or an updated release within a year orso.

Featuring_Dante1549d ago

Sounds like you're just hating. Take a subjective look at DOA5 regardless of the DLC stuff. Its the best DOA game yet.

gangsta_red1549d ago

I agree, Team Ninja hasn't made anything of worth since Itagaki left.

The last Ninja Gaiden game was horrible but I am still willing to give this one a shot.

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miyamoto1548d ago

Is that Kurt Cobain in samurai armor?

slappy5081549d ago

Yeah my thoughts were it was dark souls married with Ninja Gaiden when I saw the trailer. Never heard of it before, it's on my radar now

1549d ago
jon_snow1549d ago

OMG. I'm super hyped for this game.

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