MyGen: Secret Agent Clank Review

MyGen writes: "Clank has always been considered the most likable character in the Ratchet and Clank series, outdoing Ratchet whenever he had the chance. He's funnier, cuter and generally a better character, but has until now been relegated to the side-kick in the series. Now he's got his own game in Secret Agent Clank, a PSP exclusive from High Impact, the developer of Size Matters. Sadly this isn't the incredible platforming adventure his fans have been hoping for.

Things begin when Ratchet is imprisoned for stealing the Eye of Infinity, and Clank is tasked with rescuing him. Cut scenes are as expected, with a healthy dose of humour always able to raise a smile, but the core game is very different to traditional Ratchet gameplay. Instead of being a straight out action platform game, Clank has to rely on stealth and gadgets to get through the many dangers that lie ahead."

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