Top 5 most memorable side-kicks

When you think abit it, alot of games have side-kicks. Small parts or with you all the way. These are the top 5 most memorable side-kicks.

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JungleJack1542d ago

I would really love ED-E in there... and Tingle! :)

Retroman1539d ago

how about DAXTER from jax an daxter.

JungleJack1542d ago

Oh and I forgot my alltime favorite. Cartman in South Park: Stick of Truth

CaspuR1542d ago

yosuke from persona 4.

Goro1542d ago

Would Ellie from TLOU count as a side-kick?

Felis_Rufus1542d ago

Good question. If you think about it, she used Monkey as sidekick.

GusBricker1542d ago

Johnson - Shadow of the Damned
Jansen - Lost Odyssey

incendy351542d ago

Yep, you can end this thread with HK-47!

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The story is too old to be commented.