GameBump: Soul Calibur IV Review

Soul Calibur IV's only real flaw is that its modes are a tad shallow due its lack of 4-player play both online and locally, but its character creation system and even standard online play more than make up for it. The game should rank very highly on the list of anyone who enjoys a good, heavily customizable fighter--even casual players.

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RoyBoys4322d ago

Is HORRIBLE! I mean come on it sucks so bad! I am changing and getting a PS3 because of this game! My buddy has it for his PS3 and when I tried it out to compare to the crap of mine I truly saw that it was smoother, better, faster, and all around better! I bet every game on both consoles is the same way.

LostChild4322d ago

Still love the game and creating your own characters is what makes it even more cool.