Gamertell Review: Schizoid for Xbox Live

Gamertell has posted a positive review of the Xbox Live Arcade game, Schizoid, developed by Torpex Games. From the review:

"Schizoid is a game of dualities. First, the name implies that it is meant for a single player (remember that "schizoid personality disorder" is antisocial behavior where the person tries to be alone) yet is most definitely a two-player game. Also, it may be a killer two-player game but it also has an amazingly fun single-player mode where you control both of the game's avatars with one controller.

It's hectic, it's confusing, it's frustrating and it's friggin' fun."

The review also points out the Uberschizoid mode - a single-player mode where you control two ships using a thumbstick for each ship - as one of the best and most challenging features of the game.

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