IGN: Dissidia Final Fantasy Hands-on

Good versus evil in a Final Fantasy Battle Royale.

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BlackIceJoe4359d ago

Dissidia really sounds good and I was wanting a new fighter on my PSP.
I also can't wait to see what kind of story SE puts in the game. Because from the sound of the game Dissidia should be a lot of fun.

ArtisianDragon4359d ago

Brawl for the final fantasy characters, and since it's by square you know your going to get a trippy yet beautiful story line involved, and a killer combat system. Can't wait to get my hands on this, since there is no MH2g in the states this should hold me off till 3 or 2g comes out here.

HardcoreGamer4359d ago

but will see, i dont facny a fighitng game on the psp but im guessing its heavily story driven like you guys are saying

gano4359d ago

Is why u should own a psp. The system is just awesome.

J_PastTime4359d ago

It'd be pretty cool to see those two classic villians, and the article reads that they're in the game as well as Tidus, but the images shown are of Warrior of Light and Garland from FF, Firion and Palmesia of FFII, Squall and Ultimecia from VIII and Zidane and Kuja from IX. Sephiroth, Kefka and Tidus are not shown in those images. And what's working against Tidus is, the last I heard there were not any characters included in Dissidia after FFIX.

Going off of the template of characters already shown, my guesses for further characters would include Onion Knight/Xande (from FFIII) Cecil/Golbez (FFIV) Bartz/Exdeath (FFV) Terra/Kefka (FFVI) and Cloud/Sephiroth (VII)

I wonder if we'll get any FF Tactics characters? I'd like to see that. Vormav, Delita, Agrias and Ramza would all be be candidates I think. I think Desch would be one of the best candidates from III, I'd also personally like to see Kain or Rydia from IV, Gilgamesh from V and Cyan, Celes, Shadow or Leo from VI.

Wouldn't they have to put one of the Cids into the game too!?